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Calculate no more

payit automatically calculates the split of the bill in a blink

It’s free for life

You don’t pay any fee to add money, pay your friends or just keep money in your wallet

Domestic help

Employers can pay domestic help conveniently, instantly and cashless, thanks to payit in just a few clicks. You can also manage your everyday banking needs without stepping out of your home.

Pay friends

A great way to pay friends that you owe using the wallet-to-wallet transfer feature. You can also keep track of your expenses and spends as you go along.  

Request payment

Request for money politely from wallet-to-wallet without the inconvenience of dealing with cash. All you need to do is scan the QR code or select a contact name through the app.

Cash out

Keep your card germ-free and safe in your wallet with payit. You can withdraw cash from the ATM as well as make an easy local bank transfer in a few simple steps.     

Bill payments

No more wasting time trying to pay your bills individually or struggling to keep track of bill payments. You can also top-up your pre-paid Du, Etisalat, NOL, Mawaqif and Salik.

eDirham Instant

No wallet, no cash, no card, no problem. All you need is your smartphone and payit. eDirham instant is a new generation service. Register for eDirham and use it with payit, without a card.

Invite a Friend

Share the benefits of payit with friends and get rewarded

Incredible infrastructure

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