Klip on payit - Another great way to pay

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Klip on payit - Another great way to pay.

Your favourite mobile wallet just got a little thicker. One of UAE’s leading payment systems, klip, is joining the payit fold, making it that much easier for you to send money to your family, friends and other contacts, as well as allowing you to receive funds from other klip users. Last, but certainly not the least, this new partnership will allow you to pay with payit at klip-enabled merchants with the convenience and speed of a QR code at their payment terminals.

About Klip

Klip, is the result of a partnership between 16 of the UAE’s national banks. Managed and operated by Emirates Digital Wallet L.L.C, which operate in compliance with the UAE Central Bank’s rules. klip offers a simple way for you to transfer money to others via a mobile number and allows you to seamlessly pay for goods in-store using the existing merchant reach offered by its partner banks.


Send money to non-payit wallet users, via their mobile phone numbers.


If a store’s supported by klip (keep an eye out for the logo), you can use payit at the store’s POS machines.


Transfer cash between your digital wallets, regardless of which bank they belong to, as long as they are all linked to the same mobile number.