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With UAE's first fully-featured digital wallet, you can pay for your child's education fees which include school, university, nursery, and institute fees instantly along with availing other incredible benefits and offers

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Paying school fees is fast and easy with Payit's lightning-fast fee payment feature.

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The most secure payment service in the region is now coupled with great features.

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Now avoid the hassle of long queues and pay from anywhere. it's so convenient.

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Paying your child's fees is now convenient, time-saving, and paperless

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The Payit fee payment experience is simple and takes just a few steps.

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Avoid Queues

Now avoid the hassle of long queues and pay from anywhere. It's so convenient. With the Payit app, you can pay for

  • Term Fees
  • Transport
  • Supplies
  • School Trips
  • Sports Lessons
  • Uniforms

Our participating schools

Paying your child's school fee is easy and instant with Payit.

Frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about Payit? How you can manage your wallet? or pay your bills? The answers to all this and more can be found in our FAQs

Which devices can I download Payit on?

Payit can be downloaded on any smart phone and is available on the UAE Store of Google Playstore, AppStore and the Huawei App Gallery

What documents do I need to register for Payit wallet?

All you need is a valid Emirates ID and need to be over the age of 18 years. 

How can I know if my app access has been verified?

If you are an existing Payit or a FAB customer you will be automatically verified with full access to the app including school fee payments. If you are not verified, you will see a card in the center of the screen notifying you of your app access status. You can click on the card and schedule for the verification visit. A Payit staff will visit you and will verify your emirates ID and grant you verified status permitting you to make school fee payments.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Verifying your account is required if you are to make school fee payments, benefit from our free remittance services as well as to make any payments over AED 3500

How can I top up my wallet?

Payit offers three simple ways to Top Up your wallet. Firstly, you can instantly top it up by linking your debit card and top up instantly with it. Secondly you can transfers from any bank in the UAE into your payit wallet. The payit wallet IBAN details can be found under the Top Up option. Thirdly, if you are a FAB Customer, you can Top Up payit instantly using the FAB Mobile Banking App from the Biller Section.

Can I use multiple cards with payit?

At the time of top up, you can use any debit card (from any local bank) 

Are there any limits for the topup?

If you are making top ups to pay the school fees, you can top up upto AED 100k per transaction and upto AED 300k as annual limit. For all other payit services AED 25k monthly limit is applicable.

How can I be assured of security with payit?

Security is our first priority, and digital wallets use extra security measures to help keep transactions secure. Payit is powered by First Abu Dhabi Bank – on of the safest banks in the world. We follow the strictest standards of security complying with the Central bank of UAE regulations for data security and privacy.

How can I pay my child’s school fee?

Once you have topped up your wallet, you will find the list of schools are the list of billers on the payit app. Select the school your child studies at then enter his/her student ID or the parent ID to identify the student on the app and then save the student details as a beneficiary. Once the beneficiary has been saved, you can click on the student name and make the desired payment.

Can I pay the fees for more than one child on payit?

Yes you can. Simply register each child and then the select the child you wish to pay for and pay the desired fee. Payment for each student needs to be done separately.

What if I cannot find the name of my child?

If you are unable to locate the name of your child either by Student ID or Parent ID, please do inform your school Finance and we will make the require updates.

What if I made a wrong payment?

If you have made an erroneous payment, please reach out to the school School finance with the payment receipt and they will address the same.

How can I find the details of the fee payment made?

You can find details of the transaction on the home page by scrolling down and identify the transaction from the transaction history.

Is there a transaction reference number for each school fee payment?

Yes, each successful transaction has a reference number generated which can be found with the transaction details as part of the transaction history. This reference number can be quoted in case of any concerns.

Why is my payment status not updated on my school portal?

Payments once made through payit will be updated within the school portal within 3 working days. If the payment status has still not been updated, please reach out to the school finance with the payment receipt and they will address the same.

Will I get a receipt for the fees paid? 

Post fee payment, a receipt will be auto generated and will be sent to your payit registered email id with all the student details. In case the receipt is not received, please contact the school administration.

Is it possible to do a partial fee payment?

Yes, it’s possible. Once the registration of the child is successful, you can proceed for payment where the fees will be listed. Click on “other fees” and enter the amount you wish to pay. The Comment box should mention the type of fees paid & also the academic year.

What if I feel my app has been compromised?

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud related to payit, please do not hesitate to contact us through or call us on 600 543329 to disable access to the app.

What happens if I have lost my phone? How can I block my payit account?

Your payit account is secure since it requires a PIN or your biometrics (face ID/fingerprint) to login. In case you have lost your phone, please reach out to and our team will assist you.

What if I am facing some technical difficulties with the payit app?

In case of any technical difficulties, please do reach out to us on and we will respond to your queries at the earliest.

What should I do if my payit login is not working?

Please contact us and we can assist you.

Payit is a lifestyle payment wallet which allows you to make easy transfers, free and instant remittances, pay at merchant sites and benefit from cashbacks and discounts, pay your bills or shop through our marketplace and much more. You can also pay your household help or even make card less government payments through the app. Please visit the payit website for details.

How do I know if any merchant accepts payit?

Most of our merchants will display a sign that mentions “payit accepted here”. If you cannot spot this, simply ask the merchant if they accept payit. You can also view a list of the merchants that accept payit on the app.

How can I transfer money between friends using payit?

Simply click on the payit button and select “pay friends”. You can now choose the friend you’d like to transfer money to, select the amount and category and pay. If you don’t see a friend’s contact in this list, it means they do not use payit.

Why should I use payit instead of paying with cash or card?

With payit, you have can pay conveniently, safely and take advantage of exclusive deals and offers. You do not have to compromise your card details, so your payments are secure. You can make all kinds of payments, transfer money locally or internationally and even shop for groceries, fresh food, electronics and more through payit. 


Paying school fees is easy

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Paying school fees is easy

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