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One Wallet for All Your Recharge Needs – Introducing NOL, Hafilat, & Mawaqif Recharge

Recharging different accounts, wallets, and cards has become challenging due to the frequency and various channels used. Moreover, certain recharges like Salik, Hafilat, and Nol, and mobile and wifi recharges like Du and Etisalat are so crucial that you can’t afford to miss them.

Breaking Barriers: How Women are Taking Charge of their Finances – Payit Event Recap

On July 18th, Payit collaborated with Indian Women Dubai (IWD) to host a panel discussion on financial independence for women. Three guest speakers, including Fatima Marting, Principal of Gems New Millennium School, Mitun De Sarkar, Clinical Dietician and Founder of Simply Healthy, and Dr. Rajul Matkar, Obstetrician, and Gynecologist, shared their insights on how women can educate themselves about personal finance and take control of their finances.

Budget-friendly Home Decor Brands That Transform Your Homes into Welcoming Spaces

Home decor can increase your living space’s value by enhancing its visual appeal, functionality, and overall ambiance, making it more appealing with optimized space utilization.
But decorating your home doesn’t have to break your bank account.

Top Brands, Infinite Choices: Embrace the Joy of Giving with Payit’s eGift Vouchers

From the days of stuffing cash into envelopes to the era of meticulously selected gift items, gift-giving has come a long way

The Impact of Digitisation on the Lifestyle of Modern Moms

A mother who brings smiles to our faces, eternal love to our hearts, and peace to our minds juggles multiple roles every day. The chores of a mother have not decreased over the years. In fact, they have only increased. But thankfully, digitization has brought in many tools and platforms that have greatly eased life for mothers across the globe.

eGift Card – Now Send Gift Vouchers with the Payit App

Gift-giving just got much easier with Payit’s latest feature, eGift Card. As one of the UAE’s leading digital wallet apps, Payit presents you with a sustainable, hassle-free, and personalized way of gifting through Payit’s eGift Card.

The Evolution of Eidiya – From Cash to eGift Cards

Eid is not just a celebration but it’s the time to cherish the beautiful bond of love and affection. The beautiful tradition of Eidiya is the symbol of how immensely parents and adults care for the younger ones.

Ramadan 2023: Benefits and Spiritual Importance of Fasting

During the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, called Ramadan, participants fast and abstain from things considered impure for the mind and body.

Ramadan 2023: Consumer Trends from Online Shopping to Digital Wallet Payments

As Ramadan is nearing, the UAE is already witnessing a shift in consumer behaviour in a way that more online shopping is anticipated. Starting from the evening of 22nd March 2023, Ramadan this year is all about using digital payments, digital platforms, and online orders.

Cash Out by Payit: Getting Cash Now Using Your Smartphone

As a card-dominated country, UAE has 63% of its total population as credit cardholders. They use credit cards for shopping, payments, and even to withdraw money. Although debit cards are used to withdraw money from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), credit cards also facilitate withdrawing cash at a specific cost.