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How to Apply for UAE’s Unemployment Insurance Scheme?

The unemployment insurance scheme announced by the UAE government is effective from 1st January 2023. The scheme is introduced to offer social security during unemployment and enhance the competitiveness of unemployed people. Already 250,000 people applied to the scheme by 12th Jan 2023

Top Sports News Apps to Follow for the FIFA World Cup 2022

While the Qatar World Cup 2022 has come to its end, football fan zones are also being flooded with football fans daily. Football matches now are catching attention across the globe as it is nearing its final game on the 18th of December, 2022.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Matches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

As the FIFA world cup 2022 is getting more exciting, UAE experiences a heavy crowd day by day at the fan zones to watch the matches live. The fan zones are areas away from the stadium where live telecasts of the matches are arranged for the fans who did not buy tickets to watch the game.

7 Budgeting Tips for an International Holiday

Planning a vacation this Christmas? How about visiting the Bahamas? Or probably Spain? Japan, perhaps? Sure, an international vacation requires more planning than a local one, but it’s also more fun!