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Save Big in Dubai – 5 Tricks You Need to Know

Many people dream of living in Dubai, drawn to its luxurious lifestyle, modern amenities, and vibrant culture. However, to sustain a comfortable life in Dubai, you must manage your finances wisely.
While it may seem complex initially, with a disciplined approach to saving and investing, you can quickly achieve your financial goals in Dubai. This article will cover 5 tricks for saving money in Dubai.

Side Hustle Ideas You Can Try to Make Income in Dubai

Dubai offers numerous opportunities for those looking to boost their income through side hustles. Whether seeking extra cash or hoping to turn a passion into profit, there’s something for everyone.

How to Reduce Traffic Fines in the UAE?

The UAE is known for its strict traffic rules, which are designed to ensure all road users’ safety. These rules touch on various aspects, from speeding to parking violations. To avoid hefty fines, it is crucial to be acquainted with these laws, respect them, and use the available tools to lessen any incurred penalties. In this article, we will cover how to reduce your traffic fines in the UAE effectively.

A Quick Guide to Investing AED 1,000 in the UAE

A Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” This fits perfectly when it comes to investing money. No amount is small; now is the best time to build a future for yourself and your family.

How to Use Nafis Correctly? Do’s and Don’ts of Nafis Program

The Nafis program is an innovative initiative in the United Arab Emirates that aims to enhance employment opportunities for Emiratis. It encourages government and private sector collaboration to create a sustainable and inclusive workforce.

The 50:30:20 Rule of Managing Payments and Savings

It’s often tricky to decide how much to spend on essential things, how much to use for fun, and how much to save. That’s where the 50:30:20 rule comes in – it’s like a simple guide that tells you how to split your money. This plan is to make sure you cover all your needs, have some fun, and still save for the future.

Best Way to Secure Payments as a Freelancer in the UAE

Freelancing offers more flexibility and potentially higher earnings, but timely and secure payments can be challenging when working with multiple clients. Therefore, having a secure payment system in place is crucial. This article covers the best payment method to receive funds in the UAE without opening a bank account.

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance and Recharge Online?

The Hafilat Card is a card you can use to access public places and public transportation in Abu Dhabi. With many perks and features, it’s your key to a more convenient and relaxed travel experience.
However, recharging these cards isn’t always convenient since you need to go to its dedicated kiosk or enter your card number on its official website whenever you recharge your card.

UAE Work Permit: How to Apply for a Private Tuition Visa?

The Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) have jointly introduced a new employment avenue in the UAE to cater to the changing needs of the workforce and ensure fair practices. This new avenue is called the UAE Private Teacher Work Permit.

How to Check Emirates ID Fines?

Traffic fines in the UAE are pretty strict and hefty. You miss paying for parking and will get a hefty fine. You changed the lane against the traffic rules and will receive an SMS of being fined.