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Understanding Exchange Rates and Fees: Cheapest Way to Send Your Money Home

Transferring funds back home is often a routine financial task, yet it can become expensive without the right know-how. While the fundamentals of exchange rates and fees are generally understood, a more nuanced understanding can lead to substantial cost reductions.
This post digs into those advanced aspects. It’s tailored for individuals with a foundational understanding of international money transfers and looking to optimize their financial decisions. The discussion will cover the intricacies of exchange rates, the actual costs behind so-called free transfers, and the pivotal role of timing in financial transfers.

10 Ways Scammers Can Scam You in the UAE

Cybersecurity analysts report that as many as 3.4 million Phishing attempts were detected in the UAE in just one quarter of a year. The country’s economic prosperity and cultural diversity make it a prime target for various scams, from real estate fraud to identity theft.
This blog aims to dig into these sophisticated scams, shedding light on the methods that are often overlooked but are equally damaging. The focus is not just on raising awareness but on providing actionable insights.

UAE Golden Visa Eligibility for Bright Students and Ph.D. Holders

Since its debut in 2019, the UAE government has granted golden visas to eligible residents who contribute to the country, work in key industries, or have valuable skills that drive economic growth.
The country also encourages brilliant students and Ph.D. holders to stay in the country with a long-term residency permit upon meeting certain criteria.

Freelancing Jobs for Females: 10 Jobs to Work as Freelancers in Dubai & UAE

Dubai is a vibrant metropolis that offers a lot to its residents and visitors. The city is known for its diverse economy and lively lifestyle.
Interestingly, freelance work is becoming increasingly popular here, particularly among women professionals. It’s great to see more women choosing flexible work options that allow them to balance their personal lives while also working.

Own a Property in UAE? Get Golden Visa and Here’s How to Apply for It

The UAE residents were greatly relieved when the Golden Visa rules were updated in October since it removes the hassle of renewing the visa every year. The residents can now get a golden visa with 10-year validity, a reduced investment, and no purchase transaction restrictions.

What’s the Best Way to Send Money to Your Home: Effortless Money Transfers in UAE

While the expat population comprises almost 88.52% of the country’s population, it is no wonder why the UAE is the second largest contributor in the world in terms of foreign remittances.

Ratibi Salary Card Vs. Traditional Payroll Card What’s the Difference?

As we move towards a more digital and cashless society, how we receive and manage our salaries has also evolved. Salary cards like ratibi salary cards have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional payroll systems due to the flexibility to make digital payments.

In-Depth: What Does Women’s Health Insurance Cover in UAE?

Today’s women are empowered through increased gender equality, access to education and career opportunities, and the ability to amplify their voices through technology and social media.

What Happens When You Lose Your Job? Claiming Unemployment Insurance

The last registration date for the UAE’s unemployment insurance scheme was 30th June 2023, which was extended to 1st October 2023 to give more time to the employees to sign up. While there’s a sheet of excitement among the residents to enroll in the scheme, many people are still unclear about how to claim the insurance amount in case they get terminated from their jobs involuntarily.

Assessing Cash Now Pay Later Schemes: Why is it Good and Why is it not?

Cash now pay later has recently gained traction due to its flexibility with the installments and availability in smaller amounts.
Many individuals and small businesses need money for several reasons, such as
– To meet financial emergencies
– To maintain a cash flow
– Spend for business growth
– Own specific equipment/tools for business, etc.