Pay your Domestic help

Tick salary payments off your list in an instant.

Time to pay your domestic help? You’ll never have to use cash again.

Make it convenient and easy for your domestic worker to receive their monthly salary. Instant, cashless and fast, use Payit to transfer their pay. All you both have to do is download the Payit app and that’s it. Employers can pay their domestic help conveniently, instantly, and cashless, thanks to Payit in just a few clicks. You can also manage your everyday banking such as bill payments, remittances, merchant payments, and much more, 24/7 without stepping out of your home.

Overview Image
Overview Image

Benefits for employer

  • Convenient salary payment
  • Instant transfers
  • Cashless transactions
  • Monthly payment tracking

Benefits for Domestic Helper

  • Convenient salary access
  • Money transfer at zero fee*
  • Cashless transactions
  • View balance in the wallet
  • ATM withdrawals in one click
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*Zero fee applicable for only International bank account and wallet transfers.
For MoneyGram cash pickup service is for AED 10 only. Other Terms and conditions apply.

Pay your domestic help

How it works?

Keen to know more about how to use Payit for salary payments along with the endless benefits? Watch the video.

How it works?