Fund your wallet from your bank in seconds!

What is Payit Bank Transfer?

It’s an alternative way to move money from your bank account into your Payit wallet. Payit Bank Transfer is made possible through the integration of UAE central payment gateway. This means you can make top ups of any amount into your Payit Wallet from any UAE bank that is listed with the Central Bank, without leaving the Payit app. Isn’t that a great reason to go digital?

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How to use Payit Bank Transfer?

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Benefits of Payit Bank Transfer

With the addition of Payit Bank Transfer, your Payit wallet has become even more convenient and delightful to use.

  • Near Real-Time money transfers
  • Direct from your bank to your wallet
  • Step by Step, easy transfer process
  • Highest level of security for your transactions
  • Convenience of having multiple top up methods
  • Instant transfer status via sms, notification & email