Where zeros multiply,
fees say goodbye!

Payit plus Fees & Charges

Account fees Fees AED
Monthly fee 0
Annual fee 0
Letgso Payit Card fees Fees AED
Decline transcation fees (if no sufficient funds) 0
Value added service fees 0
Digital Letsgo Payit Card Issuance Fee 0
Physical Letsgo Payit Card Issuance Fee 0
Card dispatch fee 0
Cross currency conversion fee 0
Closure fee 0
False charge back fee 100
ATM fees Fees AED
FAB ATM - Cash withdraw! 0
FAB ATM - Balance inquiry 0
Non FAB ATM - Balance inquiry 1
Non FAB ATM - Cash withdrawl 2
Internatioal & GCC ATM- Balance inquiry 3
GCC ATM - Cash withdrawl 6
International ATM - Cash withdrawl 20
International Money Transfer fees Fees AED
Easy bank transfer by Payit (Mastercard) 0
Express bank transfer by Federal bank 7
Moneygram cash Pick-up 10
Domestic Transfers Fees (Send money locally) Fees AED
Payit Wallet to Payit Wallet 0
Payit Wallet to FAB 0
Payit Wallet to other Banks in UAE 2