The easiest way to make someone's day!

What is eGift?

eGfit is Payit’s new feature that makes gifting easy, fun, and personalized. It allows you to send a customized greeting along with a gift amount to both Payit users and non-Payit users

Why should I send an eGift?


It’s easy!

Send your personalized eGift
in quick and easy steps.

Stick to your gifting budget!

Set a gifting budget and send an
eGift for the exact amount!

Never go wrong!

No more fretting about getting the
correct shoe size or the recipient’s
favourite colour. Send the perfect
eGift everytime.

What occasions can
I send
an eGift for

There are personlized eGift cards for most popular occasions, and we frequently keep adding new ones.

How can I send an eGift?

Sending an eGift is simple. Watch the video below to learn how you can send an eGift in a few quick steps.

How to redeem my eGift card?

Redeeming an eGift is even simpler. Watch the video below to learn how you can redeem an eGift in a few quick steps.

Wish Eid mubarak, or a happy birthday or
send an eGift to simply make someone smile