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10 Benefits of Linking Nafis Card with the Payit Mobile Wallet App

The Nafis program is a thoughtful initiative by the UAE government to encourage and upskill Emirati talent in the private sector. While the program aims to support Emirati talent in terms of job finding, career development, and skill development programs, it also provides prepaid cards to the program beneficiaries to receive financial benefits smoothly.

Simplifying Money Transfer: How Payit Makes Sending Money to Nepal from UAE a Breeze

The need for efficient and convenient money transfer solutions is more significant than ever. Whether you’re sending money to support your family back in Nepal or covering expenses in Nepal, the process should be as straightforward as possible.

What is the Nafis Program? How Does it Empower Emirati Talent?

The Nafis program is a government-led initiative to empower Emirati nationals to develop global-level competencies and pursue their careers in the private sector. The UAE government is always keen on bringing prosperity and growth to the nation through offering support to Emirati nationals.

Unemployment Insurance Scheme: How New Employees Can Subscribe?

As of January 1, 2023, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) introduced the Unemployment Insurance Scheme, an initiative to provide financial protection to employees during periods of job loss.
This program provides a lifeline for UAE nationals and residents working in the private sector or federal government,

Enhanced User Experience: Payit App’s New Look

We have recently unveiled a revamped version of their mobile wallet app with a fresh new look and exciting gifts in response to valuable feedback. The goal is constantly improving the in-app experience and adding convenience to make digital transactions delightful and hassle-free experience.

How to Top-up Your Payit Wallet With Bank Transfer?

Having sufficient funds is necessary to enjoy the mobile wallet offers and manage payments. It is of no use if adding money to your mobile wallet isn’t a convenient process. Thus, we have launched another option to top-up your Payit wallet, offering you the comfort of adding money from anywhere, anytime.

Running Out of Cash? 5 Benefits of Using Payit to Pay Your Maids in Dubai

A significant portion of the workforce includes domestic maids and laborers from various corners of the world in the UAE. While the country offers tremendous opportunities and a high standard of living, it also presents unique challenges when it comes to paying wages and managing financial transactions for these essential house helps.

6 Best Back-to-School Deals in Dubai You Should Never Miss

Kids are back to school to start their new academic year in Dubai, but many parents still need to buy school essentials. While many deals are available for your kids’ school supplies, we have picked the best ones for you, so you only need to head to the right shop this weekend.

From Splitting Bills to Gifting: Here are Creative Ways You Can Use Payit App

Digital wallets are reshaping how we handle money, offering ease and flexibility that often outperform traditional banking methods. Payit, a standout in this field, has been instrumental in this transformation, especially in the United Arab Emirates.
According to a study from the University of Oxford, frequent communal dining is linked to increased happiness and life satisfaction. This makes the ability to easily split bills for meals with friends and family not just a financial convenience but also a contributor to well-being.

Your Guide to Successful Online Money Transfers: Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

Online money transfers have become integral to your financial routine, whether sending money to your home country or simply paying the bills. The ability to send money across borders with a few clicks has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility to navigate the digital domain safely and securely.