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6 Best Back-to-School Deals in Dubai You Should Never Miss

Kids are back to school to start their new academic year in Dubai, but many parents still need to buy school essentials. While many deals are available for your kids’ school supplies, we have picked the best ones for you, so you only need to head to the right shop this weekend.

Back-to-School Shopping Essentials for Your Kids and Teens

With summer vacations ending soon, parents will soon begin searching for the best options to purchase back-to-school supplies for their children. The list of back-to-school essentials varies depending on the child’s age group.

Digitizing Education Payment Ecosystem: Meet Payit and Schoolvoice at GESS

The launch of the Digital School marked a progressive move by Dubai’s government. While the education system is transforming toward providing digital education, the school fee collection system also requires innovative solutions for cashless solutions.

6 Tips to Plan for Back-to-School Finances: Back-to-School Students’ Guide

Only 25% of the high school students in the USA have access to personal finance education this year. However, 80% demanded to be educated about managing their personal finances.

Back-to-school Parents’ Guide – 9 Essential School Supplies for Your Kids

While many parents in the UAE spend almost 40% of their salaries on their kids’ schooling and other fees, back-to-school supplies are essential.
Everyone wants their child to have everything they need to learn and grow. Thus, it’s time to start preparing essential school supplies for them as the schools in the UAE have resumed.

5 Common Mistakes Most Parents Make While Making Financial Decisions

We all make mistakes and learn from them, but money mistakes are too costly that you must avoid them. Financial decisions need patience and a lot of your time to think about whether a decision is good for you and for your kids.

5 Reasons to Use Payit for School Fees Payment

While more than 50% of UAE consumers want to go cashless by 2024, they have already started their march towards using digital wallets for various payments. Consumers demand faster, safer, and more convenient (simple-to-use) payment options and, most importantly, contactless payment methods.

Why do Parents Find it Challenging to Pay the School Fees?

How Most Parents Pay Their Kids’ School Fees?
Although cash and credit cards are the most popular payment options, payment apps and digital payment methods are increasing rapidly. E-wallets or digital wallets will be used the most among all other digital payment methods as time passes

5 Back to School Activities Every Parent Should Plan For

As we are nearing the start of the academic year in the UAE, the mums and the dads are planning various back-to-school activities for their children to get back to the school routine smoothly.

Ways to Go Back to School With Your Finances

When someone says it’s time to go “Back to School” most people generally assume little kids are going off to class. However, it’s become even more common for adults to go back to school now too. There are many reasons why even after graduating, you’re deciding to pursue higher education.