Split Bills with Friends

Split the bill with your friends in a few seconds

Enjoy quality time with friends, and leave the bill splitting to payit

Don’t you just hate it when the end of a great hangout with friends is spent settling the bill. Dampens the mood a bit, doesn’t it? payit to the rescue. payit lets you split bills with your friends directly through the app. Split the bill amongst your friends with a single tap on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter how many friends are at the table, payit calculates the split automatically for you.

    Overview Image
    Overview Image

    The joys of splitting bills with payit

    payit allows you to have a fun day out with friends without having to worry about the ordeal of splitting the bill afterwards. No more long and confusing calculations and no more frustrations for not having the exact cash. All you will have are happy faces and some great group pictures.

      How to Split Bills

      payit takes the hassle and awkwardness out of splitting the bills with friends, with a single tap, so you can focus on creating treasured memories.

      Swipe Left

      In your transaction history, swipe left, the bill you wish to split.

      Choose who to split with

      Select the friends you wish to split the bill with. You can even split with non-payit users

      Enter amount

      Split the bill amount. You can even leave a note and press “Request”.