Digitizing Education Payment Ecosystem: Meet Payit and Schoolvoice at GESS

  • November 15, 2022
  • 6:00 Minutes


Collect school fees seamlessly through the UAE’s only all-in-one digital payment app

The launch of the Digital School marked a progressive move by Dubai’s government. While the education system is transforming toward providing digital education, the school fee collection system also requires innovative solutions for cashless solutions.

Each one collects fees for various activities from nurseries, schools, and universities, such as academics, extracurriculars, sports, etc.

Offering a streamlined payment collection system to customers is one of the biggest challenges for schools. Let’s learn how Payit and Schoolvoice are changing how schools collect fees through their strategic partnership. 

Payit and Schoolvoice – What’s Underneath the Strategic Partnership?

Payit and Schoolvoice have formed a strategic partnership to promote a culture of cashless transactions customized for schools in the UAE through a digital payment app. So, if you are a school, nursery, institute, or a university willing to provide an innovative and seamless customer experience, this short read is for you.

Payit and Schoolvoice, through their joint partnership, provide a common platform to collect fees from customers with real-time updates easily.

So, how do Payit and Schoolvoice do it? Let’s understand the service features of the Payit digital wallet app.

How Payit Makes It Easy to Collect School Fees?

Payit’s fee collection solution ensures a simple, fast, and secure fee collection process. Payit offers smart fee collection solutions to schools, institutes, universities, and other academic institutions.

  • Covers multiple types of fee collection: The fee collection solutions allow you to collect all types of fees from tuition fees to small one-off trip fees from one common digital payment app.
  • Simplified subscription fee collection: Payit also allows businesses providing food and other services to bachelor students to offer a dynamic platform to pay their monthly or annual subscription or membership fees quickly and easily.
  • Provides the lowest rates: Payit offers the cheapest solution for fee collection with simplified reconciliations and real-time updates.
  • Offers integrated solution: You can set up Payit’s fee collection solution in your web portal or a mobile app smoothly using the integrated solutions.
  • Provides exclusive offers: Payit regularly provides discounts and offers to its valuable customers. Thus, you can pass on the benefit of offers to your customers.

Glimpse at the Payit’s Key Partners

We don’t say what we do, but we believe in doing what we say, and our partners proudly say it all. Payit is the preferred payment partner for over 40 educational entities in the UAE.

Why do Schools, Nurseries & Educational Institutions Prefer Payit?

When it comes to managing fee collection digitally, one of the main concerns is security and user data privacy. Customers prefer a digital payment app that ensures the safety of the transactions and the privacy of their critical financial and personal information.

Apart from that, users also prefer a platform that provides a seamless experience to complete a transaction.

Payit has it all; that is why schools, nurseries, and universities prefer the Payit mobile wallet app for fee collection.

Let’s see some more reasons why customers love Payit’s fee collection solution.

Multiple Payment Options

Payit provides a payment gateway to include multiple payment options so that customers can choose their preferred payment method. Customers can use bank debit cards, credit cards, virtual cards, cash, etc., through the Payit wallet to pay the fees.

Quick Communication

Payit has partnered with Schoolvoice to communicate each transaction effectively you perform to pay your fees. The Schoolvoice app is a common platform between you and the school/university to communicate transactions.

Thus, whenever you pay fees using the Payit digital wallet app, the respective school, nursery, or institution will be notified immediately.

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Low-cost Integrations

The Schoolvoice app provides a seamless platform for every communication and updates transactions on a real-time basis. Hence, no additional integration is required from the school’s or nursery’s end.

Thus, it provides the cheapest fee collection solution in the UAE with no hidden fixed costs.

Study Now, Pay Later option

You can also offer your customers holding FAB credit cards with 0% EPPs (Easy Payment Plans). This allows them to pay the school fees later on a short-term credit basis. Thus, when your customers want to use the credit facility available on the FAB credit cards, they can utilize it more efficiently.

Exclusive Rewards Program

Payit offers exclusive rewards and deals for parents regularly. Thus, parents are always encouraged to make fees payment since they get cashback or other exciting rewards for their shopping.

In fact, Payit also benefits your customers (parents, college students, etc) in many other ways. Let’s see which are those.

How Else Payit Benefits Your Customers

  • Your customers can order online with Payit Marketplace from anywhere.
  • They can shop at thousands of merchants and enjoy exclusive offers.
  • They can send money internationally at the lowest rates.
  • Customers can recharge any international mobile number.
  • They can pay friends with just a mobile number.
  • Payit also allows them to pay local and international bills.
  • They can pay education or gym subscription fees.
  • They can also split bills with friends.

Sign up for Payit and Schoolvoice at GESS

Meet Payit and Schoolvoice at the event organized by Global Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) in Dubai from 15th to 17th November 2022.

The event timings for 15th and 16th November 2022 are 10:00 to 18:00 hours. And, for 17th November 2022, the timings are 10:00 to 17:00 hours. You can register for the event by visiting GESS’s official website.

Meet us at the event and avail the following benefits:

  • Up to 25% off in service fees
  • Waiver of setup costs
  • Exclusive rewards for parents on fees paid until the end of this year

Schoolvoice is a digital platform designed to amplify schools’ communication and increase users’ engagement.  

Schoolvoice offers real-time engagement, chat, monitoring, reporting system for messages, and easy interaction features. By providing an admin panel that can utilize pre-defined actions and shares them with parents.

By providing schools with an admin panel that can utilize pre-defined actions via the web and app, to share it with parents where they can take a one-tape action and engage. 

What sets it apart?

What are Schoolvoice Actionable Messages?

The power of ‘# 7’, which is the number of messages types, Schoolvoice provide on its platform as follows:

  • Announcements: This feature is a broadcasting tool for Schools to share their news, later updates, and holidays greetings with staff and parents
  • Acknowledgment Request: To ensure follow-ups, School staff, and teachers can use this feature to ask recipients to acknowledge their messages.
  • Approval Request: To save the hassle of physically signed approvals, this action is a two-click request to ask guardians to grant permission for school activities, trips, and other actions that require their approval.
  • Reply Request: What is better than receiving various documents online? This feature allows school staff and teachers to request guardians to reply to a certain message and share required documents.
  • Micropayment: A digital one-click payment gateway for Schools to collect small fees instantly.
  • Share Moments: Because special moments count! This action enables Schools to share special moments simultaneously.
  • Emergency Alerts: Scoolvoice got your back! Guardians can rest assured they will be immediately alert in case of an emergency.

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