Why do Parents Find it Challenging to Pay the School Fees?

  • September 05, 2022
  • 4:15 Minutes


Almost 40% of the parents found it challenging to make the school fees payments due to various reasons such as Covid-19 nationwide lockdowns, liquidity issues, etc. As the schools are opening, many parents will have to now look for the best payment option that provides a simple, fast, and secure payment experience. 

Amidst the closing vacations and getting back to the school routine, one of the most important aspects that concern the parents the most is the school fees payment. Not from the availability of funds viewpoint but the payment experience viewpoint, it is essential to make it smooth, rewarding, yet faster for you. 

Let’s learn different school fee payment options, the difficulties while making the payments and how you can avoid them. 

How Most Parents Pay Their Kids’ School Fees?

Although cash and credit cards are the most popular payment options, payment apps and digital payment methods are increasing rapidly. E-wallets or digital wallets  will be used the most among all other digital payment methods as time passes.

Let’s see which are the most common payment methods for school fees.

Credit Cards

Most parents use credit cards to pay their children’s school fees as it is convenient to tap, and they don’t need to carry cash. However, not all parents have credit cards; sometimes, using credit cards means exposing your card details to someone else.


As one of the most typical payment methods, cash is used less frequently for school fee payments. Several reasons, such as liquidity issues, hard to carry, and outdated payment methods, suffice why cash is not an ideal payment method to pay your children’s school fees.

Payment Apps

As a rapidly emerging payment method, digital payment apps allow you to make school fee payments quickly, more conveniently, and safely. The payment apps like Payit can help you make the school fees payment from an app on your phone from anywhere, anytime.

Thus, many parents are moving to more convenient payment methods such as payment apps to pay their kids’ school fees. Now let’s look at the difficulty they face while making the payments.

Challenges of School Fees Payment Faced by the Parents

It is always a painful situation when your bank account gets debited; however, if the payment experience is not smooth, it is even more painful. Let’s look at the most common challenges faced by the mums and dads of the UAE while paying school fees for their kids.

Lack of Seamless Payment Experience

Be it cash, card, or any payment app, your payment experience needs to be smooth. If you find paying school fees challenging, you need to rethink the payment option you are using. For example, if you use a credit card, but the payment doesn’t go through, or you forget the card pin, it will stress you unnecessarily.

Similarly, if you use a payment app and the app does not respond quickly, you will get worried about the payment because of the poor features of the app. Thus, you must select an option that offers you a seamless payment experience.

Liquidity Issues

Parents who make cash payments find liquidity issues because they are out of cash suddenly. Another challenge is taking the time to withdraw the money to pay the school fees. Spending so much cash at one go also makes you feel worse; hence, liquidity is of grave concern for most parents.


School fee payments can be time-consuming because you may have to wait in long queues, or the selected payment option may take much of your time to process the payment. Many parents feel the time constraint the most when they have gone on a vacation and return just before the holiday ends.

Complex Procedures

Parents sometimes find it complicated to pay school fees because some schools accept only specific payment methods, and they may not prefer the said payment method, and they have to make adjustments to make it happen.

So, what’s the solution? How can you avoid these challenges and find a better way to make your school fees payment experience smoother and faster? Let’s look at a few tips to help you plan the school fees well and ease the payment process.

5 Useful Tips to Make Your School Fees Payment Experience Better

One of the most valuable tips to improve your school fee payment experience is to use digital payment methods since they offer convenience and safety and allow you to complete the transaction within a few taps. Let’s see what else can make your school fee payment experience better.

  • Avoid cash payments to maintain your cash flow and avoid liquidity issues.
  • Plan how you will pay the school fees and make all the arrangements.
  • Use a payment method that simplifies the payment process and does not overcomplicate it.
  • You can make your payment experience rewarding by using payment apps that offer rewards and offers.
  • Look for payment options that are more secure and safe to process.

The Bottom Line

There are many school fee payment challenges, but you can avoid them by following the right approach and making it more convenient and rewarding.

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