5 Back to School Activities Every Parent Should Plan For

  • August 29, 2022
  • 3:55 Minutes


As we are nearing the start of the academic year in the UAE, the mums and the dads are planning various back-to-school activities for their children to get back to the school routine smoothly.

From waking up early to returning to the study routine, it takes lots of effort from the parents and children. It becomes a bit of a challenging task, especially when you have just returned from a holiday and have to resume your offices.

Worry not. We have made your tasks easy, and in this blog, we have shared the importance of back-to-school activities and the five most critical activities you should plan for your children to avoid first-day anxieties.

Why Are Back to School Activities Important?

One of the most crucial reasons for back-to-school activities is that it allows your children some time to transition from vacation routine to the school routine and helps them prepare in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

Here are some reasons why your children need to perform back-to-school activities in advance:

  • Boosts energy to get back to the school routine
  • Aligns students’ efforts with the academic activities
  • Makes the going back to school phenomenon interesting
  • Encourages participation in educational and recreational activities
  • Creates a sense of community you want
  • Improves social and life skills

Now, let’s see how you can put your children to comfort by planning fun and exciting back-to-school activities.

5 Back to School Activities You Should Plan For Your Children

After a vacation full of fun and adventurous activities, it becomes challenging for the children to set a new routine of waking up early, studying, and participating in school activities.

Here are some exciting back-to-school activities you should plan with your children to enable them to move to a new routine smoothly.

Listen and Encourage Your Children

First of all, sit with your children and listen to them on what are their thoughts and feelings about the new routine. When you listen to them, understand if they are excited about going to school or show disinterest.

Encourage and make your children feel excited about the new school year. Let them feel the fun part of going to school and encourage them by listening to what their plans are. For example, your child may have a plan on how to be the most active student in one of the school sports activities.

Set Routine and Ask Them to Follow

During vacation and holidays, your children would not have a schedule to follow; hence, they need to set a routine to make the transition easier. Plan different activities for your children throughout the day so they are busy during school hours and have a pattern to follow.

Encourage them to keep themselves engaged in fun educational and recreational activities so that they are not fully occupied with only playing games.

Involve Your Children in Back-to-School Planning

Your back-to-school planning includes buying new school supplies, timely paying the school fees, etc. While planning, you should involve your children, so they understand the importance of attending school with advanced planning.

Involving them in planning back-to-school activities will also boost their confidence and give them the freedom to put their opinions and thoughts to you.

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Go Extra Mile With the Academic Calendar

Most schools provide the next academic year’s schedule before school starts. Hence, you can skim through the calendar and see if there is anything that you can do to make your child’s educational experience better.

For example, if your child is going to learn about the planets, solar system, and stars, then you may plan to visit a planetarium during one of the weekends to help them understand the lesson better. 

Go For the Bed-time Boot Camp

Since your children may have a different routine during vacation, they may not be habituated to waking up early in the morning. Hence, have a bedtime boot camp at least 15 days before school starts.

Decide an ideal bedtime and make your child habituated to follow the same time every day and adjust the other activities during the daytime so that your child can easily wake up on time on the first day of his school and find it easy.

The Bottom Line

Thus, well-planned back-to-school activities can save you and your child from going through anxieties and relieve you from the stress of how to cope with the new environment. Your serious efforts can make it significantly easier for your children to transition smoothly from vacation to the academic routine.

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