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Understanding Money Transfer Operators: Best Way for International Money Transfer

Cross-border transfers support the continuous economic growth and attractiveness of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a work destination. The UAE has established itself as a hub of thriving economic activity, drawing in a varied spectrum of expats, such as business owners, laborers, and professionals with specialized skills.

Nafis Card: How to View Your Nafis Balance?

Managing your banking needs has leaped simplicity by integrating Nafis Card into the Payit app. No more lengthy processes or complicated steps – just a few clicks, and you’re in control of your finances.

Simplifying Money Transfer: How Payit Makes Sending Money to Nepal from UAE a Breeze

The need for efficient and convenient money transfer solutions is more significant than ever. Whether you’re sending money to support your family back in Nepal or covering expenses in Nepal, the process should be as straightforward as possible.

Your Guide to Successful Online Money Transfers: Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

Online money transfers have become integral to your financial routine, whether sending money to your home country or simply paying the bills. The ability to send money across borders with a few clicks has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives. However, with this convenience comes the responsibility to navigate the digital domain safely and securely.

UAE’s Top Fintech Trends to Look for in 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a frontrunner in the global fintech landscape, with its market exhibiting remarkable growth potential, size, and innovation.