5 Reasons to Use Payit for School Fees Payment

  • September 12, 2022
  • 3:15 Minutes


While more than 50% of UAE consumers want to go cashless by 2024, they have already started their march towards using digital wallets for various payments. Consumers demand faster, safer, and more convenient (simple-to-use) payment options and, most importantly, contactless payment methods.

The payment behavior of the UAE residents is changing as they require easier, acceptable, and securer digital payment methods. Thus, when the schools are opening in the country, parents are planning back-to-school activities for their kids, including planning school fees payment.

This blog will discuss why you should use the Payit e-wallet app to make your school fee payment experience smooth, convenient, faster, and safer.

Why You Should Use Payit to Pay School Fees?

The back-to-school season has come when inflation is rising, almost every school supply is costlier than before, and planning school fees is another concern. The mums and dads of the UAE are considering various digital payment options that allow them to pay school fees most comfortably.

Let’s see why Payit is the best digital payment option for the school fees payment for your children.

Simple and Convenient

Payit e-wallet is easy to use and provides the utmost convenience to perform a financial transaction on the app. You can make school fee payments from anywhere at any point in time. With the Payit app, you can select from 41 schools, universities, and nurseries for school or any other fee payment.

Chance to Win Prizes

When you use the Payit e-wallet to make the school fees payment, you get a chance to win PlayStation 5 till September 30, 2022. 4 lucky winners will get PlayStation 5, and 50 selected winners will get Amazon vouchers worth AED 100.

The app also provides guaranteed gift vouchers worth AED 50 from Joy Alukkas for the minimum purchase of jewelry worth AED 500.

Safe and Secure Payments

Your transaction is safe and secure when you use the Payit digital wallet to pay your children’s school fees. The transaction is performed using data encryption methods to secure your critical financial information. You can also track each transaction in the app, which is updated in real-time.


You don’t need to wait in long queues for the school fees payments. You can simply perform the transaction at any time, sitting on a sofa at your home or while sipping a coke at the beach in the Maldives. Thus, Payit enables you to make your children’s school fees at any time from anywhere.

The payment transaction time will also not be more than a minute. You simply need to fill in basic details, select the school, enter the amount, and pay. It is much faster than the other modes of payment.

No Hidden Charges

The Payit digital wallet app is free to download, and you can use it to make multiple payments, receive money in your wallet, send money outside UAE, etc. Thus, you can use the e-wallet to pay the school fee completely for free without any hidden costs.

Thus, the Payit app makes it easy, rewarding, and safer for you to pay your children’s school fees hassle-free.

Let’s see how you can make the school fee payment using the Payit e-wallet app.

How to Use Payit for School Fees Payment?

You can pay your kids’ school fees using the Payit e-wallet app by following the four simple steps:

  1. Select the ‘School Fees’ option on the Payit app.
  2. Select your desired school/university/nursery.
  3. Enter mobile number, email address, and student’s name.
  4. Enter the amount of school fees or any other fees you wish to pay.
  5. Get a digital receipt.

Thus, the five-step process is so easy that you can even perform the entire transaction within a minute.

Download the Payit e-wallet app now and become eligible to win exciting prizes and guaranteed gift vouchers to make your school fee payment experience rewarding.

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