International Mobile Recharge From the UAE – Top 5 Challenges and How to Avoid Them

  • September 13, 2022
  • 3:40 Minutews


Major Asia-Pacific countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, etc have on average, more than 70% prepaid phone users leaving the post-paid service users at 30%.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to many nationalities whose native countries are spread worldwide. Thus, it becomes essential for you to help your families in your home countries financially.

When you want to send international mobile top-ups to your families, you will look for an option that can complete the transaction faster, more conveniently, and safely.

This blog explains the top 5 difficulties faced by the expats living in the UAE who wish to top up their mobile balances in their home countries to support their families.

5 Challenges UAE Expats Face for International Mobile Top Up

One of the most significant concerns about the international mobile top-up is its cost. When you say ‘international,’ it has its costs, whether it is a transfer of money or just selling goods to other countries.

Let’s see the challenges expats in the UAE face regarding international mobile recharge.


When you send your money to other countries, it needs to have a robust security mechanism; your data is lost. UAE expats have security concerns when they pick a service provider who can help them recharge their mobiles in their home countries from the UAE.

Speed of Transaction

Since international top-ups are carried out in different countries, the speed of such transactions makes a huge difference. If such transactions are too slow and do not reach on time when needed, it does not serve the purpose of international mobile recharge.

Moreover, when the transaction is slow, the UAE expats become more conscious about their data security and privacy as well since the details become more vulnerable.

Ease of Use

The international recharge methods are often complex to follow. In fact, sometimes, they require documents and other procedures to complete the global top-up for the expats’ families in their home countries.

While many payment applications offer international top-up services to their users, the convenience of using such apps and transferring money internationally must be smooth and easy to perform.

Cost of the Transaction

It is understood that the cost of transferring the money within a geographical area where you live and the price it takes to send money outside of that area will differ. Since domestic money transfer is easy and does not require a specific process to follow, an international money transfer may be costly on the other hand.

The cost of recharging mobile phones internationally from the UAE will differ depending on your chosen service provider. Thus, the expats sometimes find it challenging to find a cost-friendly international recharge service provider.

Transfer Limits

Certain service providers may have transfer limits, referred to as restrictions on transferring money beyond a specific limit. For example, your service provider may reject an international mobile recharge transaction of more than $250.

Thus, the expats may also find it difficult to top up their families’ mobile phones internationally.

Moreover, lack of awareness of the service and reluctance to adopt new methods are other challenges expats face. They select a traditional yet costlier international top-up method to recharge the devices for their families in their home countries.

Let’s see how the  Payit digital wallet app helps you recharge internationally without hassle.

Use Payit for International Mobile Recharge and More from the UAE

Payit allows you to send top-ups or recharge mobile balances with different data plans in your home countries from anywhere in the world.

Payit digital wallet app lets you send top-ups to more than 150 countries and work with multiple mobile operators to allow you more than 500 global mobile operators to select from.

Here’s how you can use Payit app to send top-ups to your destination countries:

  • Step 1
    Open Payit and select ‘ International Recharge
  • Step 2
    Add beneficiary details
  • Step 3
    Enter ‘ GET10’ or check for available promo code
  • Step 4
    Get Digital receipt

Thus, international mobile top-up through Payit is fast, safe, and convenient to perform worldwide since it provides a wide range of countries and mobile operators to select from.

Payit now to send the happiness to your families and friends in your home countries or living anywhere in the world by sending a mobile recharge conveniently.

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