Do’s and Don’ts While Selecting International Mobile Top-Up Providers for the NRIs

  • September 19, 2022
  • 3:55 Minutes


As a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), you must have tried different online payment service providers to send your money to your families in India. Be it a mobile balance recharge, bill payment, or utility payment, you need a service provider who can help you make international payments hassle-free.

Thus, while selecting your international mobile top-up provider, you must consider certain features. Let’s see what you should and should not do in such cases.

Do’s for International Mobile or DTH Top-up Provider

India has multiple mobile operators, and the country is also home to many direct-to-home (DTH) service operators. The DTH operators allow you to stream various TV channels at your home by providing a satellite connection directly to you.

The mobile operators also offer multiple packages tailored to the customers’ needs, such as Talktime, data, and SMS combo, or a Talktime and data combo. Thus, as an NRI, you have to be careful while selecting a mobile or a DTH top-up provider to send top-ups from your country to India.

Let’s see what you should do, followed by what you should not do.

Have Your Own Research

Study different top-up service providers, their services, their offers, and most importantly, who they are. You should consider reviewing your service provider’s profile by visiting their website and company information.

When you send your money directly to India, you need to be extra careful with whom you are sending your money.

Check the Mobile Operators Available

Even if the mobile top-up service provider you selected offers multiple benefits or offers, it is of no point if the service provider does not send top-ups for the mobile or DTH operator you want to top up your account with.

Thus, a glimpse through the mobile and DTH operators will save a lot of your time before you start providing your information to proceed with the top-up transaction.

Evaluate Transaction Costs

Certain international mobile recharge providers highlight only transaction fees applicable to the top-up transaction, while they may also charge a certain service fee to process your transaction. Thus, you should evaluate the transaction costs as to how much it will cost in total.

Review the Transaction Time

Many service providers claim that they can send your money instantly. However, you should always review the total transaction completion time before sending any top-up to India.

Go for Single Provider with Multiple Services

You may want to recharge the mobile balances of your family in India as well as your DTH device at your home. Select a service provider that offers both top-up services.

If you perform mobile top-ups and DTH top-ups from different service providers, chances are high that you may spend more money on transfer costs.

Thus, the above checklist will help you consider a better service provider for you to send international top-ups to India.

Don’ts for International Mobile or DTH Top-up Provider

Let’s look at what you should not do while looking for an international mobile top-up provider.

Selecting Providers Randomly

You can not take a chance to select your international mobile recharge provider randomly. Before performing a transaction with any random service provider, you must consider certain features such as security, convenience, speed, offers, etc.

Recharging from Multiple Providers

It is not ideal practice to perform recharge transactions from more than one service provider. Because you may lose loyalty points and other rewards since the transaction volume for different providers will be significantly less than that performed with a single provider.

Not Availing Offers and Discounts

Certain international mobile top-up providers, like Payit, offer discounts or cash back rewards  upon a successful top-up till September 30th, 2022. Missing out on such offers and discounts will make your transactions unnecessarily costly.

Not Considering Security Standards

You cannot overlook the security and data privacy measurements set by your service provider. Check whether necessary actions are taken to protect your personal and financial information.

For example, a service provider that requires you to upload a valid KYC document before performing any financial transaction has implemented robust security standards.

Not Considering User-friendliness

If the service provider selected by you can not provide convenience or ease of performing an international mobile or DTH top-up, you will spend more time just processing a small top-up.

Always consider a service provider that can offer user-friendly mobile applications or online platforms.

Use Payit to Send International Mobile or DTH Top-ups

Payit offers safe, faster, and convenient international mobile recharge and DTH top-up service  for all the residents in the UAE. You can select from the app multiple mobile operators and DTH service providers to recharge your mobile or DTH device within 30 seconds after adding a beneficiary account.

Check out exclusive features and cashback offers for international mobile top-ups on the Payit digital wallet app.

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