eGift FAQ

Welcome to the Payit eGift FAQs! Here’s what you need to know:

It’s a digital gift card that allows you to send a personalized greeting and gift amount to Payit users and non-users. It’s an easy and fun way to give a gift!

Non-users need to download Payit wallet application and register for Payit before using the eGift. We’ve included a link in the eGift email to help with the download and registration process.

The eGift works similarly to a traditional physical card but without an actual card. The giver buys the card online and loads it with money, then sends it to the recipient via email; the recipient claims and redeems it.

  1. Go to the Payit home screen
  2. Tap on “Send eGift”
  3. On the next screen, write the Recipient’s name in the first box
  4. Write your name in the second box
  5. Write the recipient’s email in the third box.
  6. Select your gifting amount or insert it manually.
  7. Choose from the list of the occasion.
  8. Choose your preferred greeting card.
  9. Write your gift message to the recipient and click on “Next”
  10. Confirm all the details then tap ‘Send eGift’ to proceed
  11. Read how this eGift can be redeemed. Tap on ‘Proceed with eGift’ to proceed.
  12. Carefully read the Terms & Conditions. Tap on ‘Agree and Continue’ to proceed
  13. Enter your Payit PIN to confirm your identity.
  14. Voila! Your personalized eGift is sent to make someone’s day a lot happier!

The validity of the eGift is one year (12 months) from the issuance date.

Yes! Once the recipient redeems the code in their wallet, they can withdraw the amount using the SMS Cash feature.

  1. Your eGift will be received in your email inbox. It will contain a promo code. You can redeem your eGift promo codes in two ways. Either by tapping ‘Redeem eGift Code’ on your home screen or by tapping ‘Enter Promo or eGift code’ on your edit profile screen.
  2. Enter your eGift Code and click on “Apply”.
  3. You will receive a confirmation that your code has been redeemed successfully. The money is in your Payit Wallet.

No, the eGift can only be used via Payit or through the SMS Cash feature.

No, the eGift is only available to individuals within the UAE.

Currently no, the team is working on it.

No, the eGift can only be redeemed through the Payit application, and the amount can only be withdrawn using the SMS Cash feature.