Where zeros multiply, fees say goodbye!

Introducing Payit Plus, a digital account with ZERO fees & ZERO hassles.

What is Payit Plus?


Get a Payit Plus account and FREE Letsgo Payit Card, powered by FAB and go digital to manage your money on the go. Check your balance, make payments, send money to over 200+ countries, pay school fees, pay your mobile and utility bills and more. All this with a digital account and wallet with ZERO annual FEEs, ZERO minimum balance charges, ZERO transaction fees and a FREE Letsgo Payit physical card.

What are you waiting for? download and create your account today.

Check your wallet balance any time!


Why create a Payit Plus Account?

Get all the advantages of going digital with your money management and go cashless. It’s the best way to keep track of your money and manage all your payments in one place. Forget the hassle of handling cash and enjoy all the benefits of a bank account minus the fees.

Worldwide Remittance

An awesome way to send money worldwide


Your Payit Plus account makes sending money to over 200 countries and territories simple, quick and effortless. Say goodbye to using cash or waiting in queues at the money exchange.

Conveniently pay your everyday bills.

With Payit Plus, you can pay all your utility bills, including Du, Etisalat, Salik and Mawaqif in one go from wherever you are. No more long queues for you.


Get exciting offers from all your favourite international brands

Payit Plus brings you over 100 offers from brands and stores across the UAE. Experience a rewards and benefits ecosystem that enriches your life where it matters most.

How to get started with creating your Payit Plus Account


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