Send money, top-up mobile worldwide, pay bills, shop! An all-in-one eWallet.

With payit's ewallet, you can securely handle all your payments quickly with no required registration fees, minimum balance, or even bank account.

Get 25% cashback

Use Promo code 'PAYIT25' and get 25% cashback (up to AED 25). Min purchase AED 10.

Get 50% Cashback

Use Promo code 'DANUBE' and get 10% cashback (up to AED 75). Min purchase AED 100 at Danube Home

Get 20% cashback

Use promocode 'LIFESTYLE20' and get 20% cashback (up to AED 30) Min purchase AED 50.


Get 50% cashback

Use Promocode 'GROCERY50' and Get 50% cashback (up to AED 20 ). Min purchase AED 75 Valid for 3 transactions

Accepted at some of the biggest brands in the UAE

Designed to be a lifestyle companion, payit ewallet is a fully features digital wallet that can be used across an endless list of partners and merchants across the UAE.

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An awesome way to send money worldwide

payit ewallet makes sending money to over 200 countries and territories simple, quick and effortless. Say goodbye to using cash or waiting in queues at the money exchange.

  • Safe and secure
  • Competitive rates
  • Blazing fast
  • Convenient 24x7 service

Ways to pay using payit

payit ewallet is designed to make your life simpler. So, you never have to worry about carrying cash again. You can pay using a various payment methods.

  • Sound payment
  • QR Code payment
  • e-Commerce payment
  • payit cashless on delivery
Pay using payit
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Do so much more with payit

The UAE's fully featured digital wallet

eDirham Instant

No wallet, no cash, no card, no problem. eDirham instant is a new generation service. Register for eDirham and use it with payit, without a card.

Bill Payment

No more wasting time trying to pay your bills individually. You can also top-up your pre-paid Du, Etisalat, NOL, Mawaqif and Salik.

Cash Out

Keep your card germ-free and safe in your wallet with payit. You can withdraw cash from the ATM as well as make an easy local bank transfer in a few simple steps.

Split Bills

Dinner plans aren't the best place to test your math skills. Just tell us who was on your table and we'll split the bill equally for you.

Money Transfer

Send money to over 200 countries and territories securely and conveniently. Say goodbye to using cash or waiting in queues at the money exchange.

Domestic Help

Employers can pay domestic help conveniently and instantly in just a few clicks. Now also manage your everyday banking needs without leaving home.

Pay Friends

A great way to pay friends that you owe using the wallet-to-wallet transfer feature. You can also keep track of your expenses and spends as you go along.

Request Payment

Request for money without the inconvenience of dealing with cash. All you need to do is scan the QR code or select a contact name through the app.


Receive dividends from Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, on payit app and enjoy a host of payments services such as social payments, merchant etc.

Our milestones

Our journey up until now has been incredible, and we believe it’s only going to get better. Here’s what we have achieved so far.




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