8 Vital Skincare Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss This Scorching Summer

  • June 03, 2024
  • 04:25 Minutes


Summer is finally here, and it’s time to embrace the sun, surf, and sand. But along with the fun comes the challenge of taking care of your skin amidst the hot and humid weather. If you want to maintain your flawless complexion during the summer, you need to accommodate your skincare to avoid the impact of scorching sun rays in summer.

In this article, we will share 8 tips curated by skin care experts to help you maintain healthy and glowing skin all summer.

8 Skin Care Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore in Summer

Summer brings longer days, warmer weather, and plenty of sunshine. While these are perfect conditions for making unforgettable memories, they pose unique challenges for your skin.

That is why you need to take special care of your skin. Here are 8 expert tips that will help you do that.

1. Never Go Out Without Sunscreen

One of the most crucial aspects of summer skincare is sun protection. The sun’s UV rays can cause significant damage, leading to sunburn, premature ageing, and an increased risk of skin cancer. For this, selecting a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, shielding your skin from UVA and UVB rays is essential.

Look for products with an SPF of 30 or higher, and remember to reapply every two hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. Look for sunscreens labelled ‘non-comedogenic’ or ‘oil-free’ to prevent clogged pores. Gel-based or water-based sunscreens are usually lighter and less likely to cause breakouts. Choose a sunscreen based on your skin type.

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2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydration is key to maintaining a radiant, healthy complexion, especially during the hot summer. External hydration with moisturisers and internal hydration with drinking plenty of water are crucial.

For external hydration, switch to a lighter, water-based moisturiser if you haven’t already. These moisturisers provide necessary hydration without overwhelming your skin. For internal hydration, aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, more if you are active or spending time in the heat.

Eating water-rich foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon can also help increase your hydration levels.

3. Have a Summer Skincare Routine

Creating a summer skincare routine based on your skin’s needs can significantly improve its health and appearance during the warmer months. This routine should focus on protection, hydration, and gentleness to combat the harsh effects of summer weather.

Start by swapping out heavy creams for lighter, water-based moisturisers. Incorporating a daily sunscreen into your routine and always keep your face clean. These simple routines can do wonders in the long run.

4. Use Less Makeup

In the summer, less is more when it comes to makeup. Heavy makeup can clog pores and mix with sweat and oil, leading to breakouts and an uncomfortable feeling. Use lightweight makeup as it minimises the risk of clogged pores and breakouts. Also, opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner to prevent smudging.

You can use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF instead of a heavy foundation. Your skin can breathe easier without layers of foundation and powder. This also reduces the chances of acne breakout.

5. Use a Mist

Facial mists are a refreshing way to hydrate and cool your skin during hot summer days. They provide an immediate boost of moisture to your skin, making them perfect for cooling your face and body on sweltering days.

Spray the mist onto your face from about 8-10 inches. Use it anytime your skin needs a refreshing boost. Look for mists with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile.

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6. Wash Your Face Frequently

Sweat, oil, and environmental pollutants can accumulate on your skin during summer, leading to breakouts and irritation. Keeping your skin clean is crucial.

Use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. Cleanse your face twice a day – in the morning and before bed.

Also, consider double cleansing at night to thoroughly remove sunscreen and makeup. Regular cleansing removes dirt, oil, and sweat that can clog pores and cause acne.

7. Cover Your Face and Hair

While sunscreen is essential, physical barriers like clothing can provide an extra layer of protection against the sun. A wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses shield your face and eyes from direct sunlight.

Also, opt for breathable, long-sleeve shirts and pants made from lightweight fabrics to protect your skin without overheating.

8. Avoid Going Out Between 12 to 4

Sometimes, the best way to protect your skin is to avoid sun exposure altogether, especially during peak hours. You can reduce the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage from UV rays. This allows your skin to recover from any previous sun exposure.

You can plan outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon when the sun is less intense. If you must go out, seek shade as much as possible and use other protective measures such as wearing full sleeves and applying sunscreen with high SPF.


As summer unfolds, embracing a skincare routine that reflects the season’s needs is crucial for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. By incorporating these expert tips into your daily regimen, you can protect your skin from the summer’s harsh elements while showcasing its natural beauty.