In-Depth: What Does Women’s Health Insurance Cover in UAE?

  • July 17, 2023
  • 4:30 Minutes


Today’s women are empowered through increased gender equality, access to education and career opportunities, and the ability to amplify their voices through technology and social media.

But, all of this is possible only when you look after your health and consider it a founding pillar of anything you do. A woman’s health insurance provides vital healthcare coverage, treatment access, financial protection, and preventive care, promoting well-being and quality of life.

This article explores women’s health insurance in the UAE, its coverage, how much it costs, and what you should consider before buying one.

What is Health Insurance for Women in the UAE?

Medical insurance in the UAE is mandatory for all. Still, certain health conditions for women, like hormonal issues, gynecological conditions, pregnancy, etc., need more special coverage than men’s.

In the UAE, some insurance providers offer health insurance exclusively for women, while others offer policies tailored to suit. It provides financial protection and access to comprehensive medical care, reducing healthcare costs and improving women’s well-being.

Women’s Health Insurance Coverage

A typical comprehensive woman’s insurance in the UAE covers outpatient and inpatient expenses:

Outpatient expenseInpatient expense
This includes consultation fees, prescribed medications, and the costs associated with necessary medicines, ensuring that women have access to essential healthcare services and alleviating the financial burden of these expenses.It refers to the expenses related to medically necessary treatments that require hospital admission for a duration exceeding 24 hours.  

A woman’s health insurance coverage includes special conditions such as pregnancy, breast cancer, hormonal issues like menopause, gynecological conditions, and thyroid.

Importance of Health Insurance for Women

As many women juggle their personal and work-life responsibilities, they go through different phases and must pay attention to changing health conditions. Let’s see why women’s health insurance is essential:

  • Health insurance covers women’s specific healthcare needs regarding their reproductive health, including prenatal care, maternity services, and other gynecological exams.
  • Health insurance helps women get timely medical interventions, leading to better health outcomes through early detection, prevention, and treatment of critical conditions like cancers and osteoporosis.
  • Women may require various medical procedures, surgeries, or ongoing treatments, and having insurance coverage can help alleviate the financial burden associated with these costs.
  • These insurances also cover preventive services like Pap smears, mammograms, and vaccinations that support their overall well-being and improve the quality of their lives.

How Much Does a Woman’s Health Insurance Cost in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance for women in the UAE is decided based on several factors such as age, height, weight, physical condition, medical history, pre-existing illness, etc. Most companies in the UAE offer medical insurance for their employees.

However, not every company provides full coverage for health insurance (such as maternity or any special condition). The good part is that these employers do offer health insurance that covers your routine medical expenses.

While certain companies offer medical insurance for their employee’s family members with a specific cost deducted from the employee’s salary, medical insurance is mandatory in UAE, and several options are available in the market that suit your requirements by all means.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Women’s Health Insurance

Let’s understand what key things you must consider when you apply for medical insurance for a woman, either yourself or through your spouse.

Premium Amount

If your medical insurance amount is low, it may be possible that its coverage isn’t enough. Your medical history, pre-existing medical conditions, age, and weight all contribute to deciding how much premium you need to pay. Thus, choose a health insurance policy with adequate coverage and affordable premiums.

Maternity Coverage

Many policies do not cover maternity initially, so check whether it is specifically included. You must also consider what is covered under pregnancy coverage, e.g., ante-natal, post-natal, delivery costs (because some providers exclude C-sections), and to what extent.

Waiting Period

A waiting period is a time when you need to wait before submitting a health insurance claim to be considered for benefits covered by the policy in the UAE. The types of waiting periods may be for initial, maternity benefits or pre-existing conditions, etc. So, consider selecting a provider offering a minimum waiting period to start claiming your benefits as soon as possible.

Claim Process

A complex claim process indicates a potential red flag. You must understand the claim process, and claiming your rights (benefits) must be genuinely smooth. So, go for the provider that offers a fast and simple claim process for your health insurance benefits.

Hospitalization Coverage

Certain policies do not cover pre or post-hospitalization costs, while the other hospitals have some tie-ups with certain policy providers that allow you to have cashless treatments. In both cases, you need to check how hospitalization expenses are covered.

The Bottom Line

When you protect your health, you also protect the health of your family and those that depend on you in many ways, whether personally or professionally. Thus, understand different health insurance benefits, select your provider wisely, and be safe to keep empowering the community at large!

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