Make This Eid Better and Get Your Cashback Eidiya

  • May 08, 2021
  • 10 minuets read


Digital wallets are all the rage now. Have you ever found yourself needing to buy something but only having your phone on you? If you had a digital wallet, this would be no problem. 

Electronic wallets completely erase the hassle of having to carry around an actual wad of cash or a physical wallet. Within your phone, you’ll have everything you could possibly need when you leave the house.

While there are many digital wallets available, payit is one of the best ones for people in the UAE. Its numerous features can make your daily life better but can also play a role in making your Eid better.

If you want to know how to use payit to guarantee the best Eid ever, keep reading!

What Is payit?

Payit is the UAE’s first-ever fully-featured digital wallet! It aims to help push the country into a modern cashless world that comes with convenience and benefits. 

With payit, you can do anything you could have done with your bank cards or cash, but you can do it faster. It’s also a lot safer not to have to carry around a thick wallet, especially in today’s climate.

Overall, payit is a great application to have on hand and ready to use. Now, you can have your bank account always on hand.

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How payit Can Make This Eid Better?

So, how can this digital wallet help you this Eid? Here are just a few ways

Give Everyone Eidiya

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the people you love on Eid. You could be miles away or trapped at work, which is where payit comes in handy. With payit, there’s no need to hand over some notes. Instead, if you plan on giving anyone Eidiya, you can now do so within a minute or two, thanks to payit!

When you open the app, navigate to the money transfer section, and the rest is a breeze. Just enter the amount you want to send along with the beneficiary’s details.  

It doesn’t matter where your loved one is in the world because payit is operational in two hundred countries! You may not be able to hug your loved one, but you can still make their day a little bit brighter by giving the Eidiya they’re looking for.

If you have any questions about payit’s payment system, there is also 24-hour help available seven days a week! 

Buy Eid Gifts

Buying presents is a good alternative to giving Eidi. Luckily, payit has partnered up with various stores to bring you some of the nicest Eid gift ideas this season! 

Your payit account can be used at the following stores:

  • SharafDG
  • Arabian Oud
  • The bodyshop
  • Joyalukkas
  • Geekay
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Chocolala
  • Babyshop

Whether the little ones in your family like gaming, jewelry, clothes, skincare, makeup, electronics, or anything else, payit has you covered. You can safely make purchases through your phone in stores or online. Also, keep an eye out for some hidden discounts!

Have Eid Dinner

Sometimes (or most of the time) Eid comes with unannounced visitors, and if you haven’t prepared any food, payit has your back. It doesn’t even have to be for someone else; you can enjoy it all by yourself too! 

Use your payit e-wallet to pay in restaurants on Eid and get 50% cashback using DINE50 promo. payit works with some of the most popular eateries in the United Arab Emirates and gives you a wide range of cuisines.

Using the app. and have delicious food in:

  • Kulfilicious
  • Galito’s
  • Sugar Factory
  • B&B restaurant
  • Barbeque Nation

Payit’s Insane Cash Back Deals!

Payit has generously enlarged its number of cashback deals this Eid season, and you can save a great deal of money with these discount codes!


Whether the little ones in your family like gaming, jewelry, clothes, skincare, makeup, electronics, or anything else, payit has you covered. You can safely make purchases through your phone with a min. of AED 10 and get 25% cashback (up to AED 25) across a variety of outlets when you used the promo code Payit25.


Do something unique this Eid! If you buy some movie tickets at Novo Cinemas, you can avail yourself of a 50% cashback rate which will cut your costs by half! 

It doesn’t even matter what’s playing at this point. It’ll be fun to spend some time with your loved ones eating buttery popcorn and munching on some nachos! 

Here are the details of the code: 

  • You can only use this code twice during its validity period
  • You must insert the code before the payment is confirmed to avail of the deal
  • To use the code, your minimum cost should be at least 70 AED
  • This promotion will end on December 31th, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Final Thoughts

Payit e-wallet is the perfect companion to have with yourself on Eid. From food to gifts, it has you covered and saves you from having to spend like crazy on Eid! 

Make yourself and your loved one happy this year without having to worry about having physical notes on you. With payit, you can spread love and joy and care less about what’s in your pocket.

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