Personalized Rakhi Greetings: Send Payit eGift Cards for Lasting Smiles

  • August 24, 2023


Rakhi, an Indian festival for siblings, is around the corner, and the festival becomes more precious when siblings are together.

A general ritual of this festival is that the sisters tie a thread (representing a bond between brother and sister) on the brother’s wrist, and the brothers, in return, give a token of gift.

So, while the brothers are busy looking for the perfect gift for their sisters, we have introduced eGift cards customized explicitly for the Rakhi festival to ease your search.

Let’s understand these eGift cards and how you can send them.

Importance of Personalized Rakhi Greetings

When celebrating the bond of Rakhi, tailoring your message to your sibling adds a heartfelt touch that resonates deeply.

It shows you truly understand and cherish the unique connection you share. Personalized Rakhi greetings bridge distances, boosting emotional closeness even when miles apart.

Personalized Rakhi greetings are more than a formality; they’re a way to convey your love and affection tangibly.

Your words become a special remembrance of your sibling’s importance in your life. The effort you put into customizing your message enhances the sentimental value of the Rakhi celebration.

So, this Rakhi, express your bond with sincere greetings that capture your shared laughter and dreams, creating a timeless memory.

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Benefits of Sending Gift Cards

Let’s understand why eGift cards are one of the best gifting solutions for Rakhi 2023.

Freedom of Choice

eGift cards give your sisters the freedom to select whatever gifts they want or save money for future purchases. The freedom of choice for your sisters will strengthen your bond as they decide what they want to buy for themselves.


It’s easy to send an eGift voucher to your loved ones’ email or phone number with just a few clicks on the Payit app. It means you don’t need to go to the shops or need cash.


You can customize your eGift voucher with a heartfelt message or a delightful design, adding a personal touch to make the recipient feel special and appreciated.


The gift cards allow you to send gift vouchers online without visiting any shop or bank. With a simple click in an app on your phone, you can personalize and send an eGift voucher to anyone, anywhere.

Quicker Access

Even if you forget about sending gifts, just on the same day of Rakhi, you can send Payit’s eGift cards, and your sisters can immediately access the cards and redeem the vouchers they received.

Perfect for Online Shopping Lovers

Who doesn’t like shopping online? With eGift vouchers, you allow your sisters to select from various fashion and lifestyle brands. If your sister loves online shopping, eGift cards are perfect for her!

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Make Your Rakhi More Special With Payit’s eGift Cards

Payit’s eGift vouchers revolutionize gifting with endless options. You can use the Payit mobile wallet app to send eGift vouchers up to AED 5,000 to your friends and family. In fact, your sisters can withdraw the money if they want cash, and it comes with a validity of 12 months, so you give enough time for your loved ones to decide and buy the special gift with your card,

How to Send Payit’s eGift Vouchers?

To send eGift vouchers from the Payit app, follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Gifts & Vouchers’
  • On the next screen, ‘Select Country.’ (You can send gift vouchers to multiple countries like UK, USA, Italy, Japan, etc.)
  • Select the gift voucher from the range of brands (e.g., iTunes Gift, Amazon UK, etc.) if you wish to send a particular brand’s gift voucher. If you want to send cash, select Payit Cash eGift, which you can send within UAE only.
  • On the next screen, if you selected the voucher, simply enter the voucher amount and follow the next steps, which are the same for the cash eGift.
  • Write the Recipient’s name in the first box.
  • Write your name in the second box.
  • Write the recipient’s email in the third box.
  • Choose what is the occasion you would like to send the gift for.
  • Choose your preferred eGift card theme.
  • Write your message to the recipient and click on “Next.”
  • Confirm all the details, then tap ‘Send Gift Card’ to proceed
  • Read how this eGift Card can be redeemed. Tap on ‘Proceed with Gift Envelope’ to proceed.
  • Carefully read the Terms & Conditions. Tap on ‘Agree and Continue’ to proceed.
  • Enter your Payit PIN to confirm your identity.
  • Your personalized eGift voucher is sent to make someone’s day much happier!

Now, let’s understand how to redeem the eGift voucher once you receive it.

How to Redeem the eGift Voucher?

You need to enter the promo code received in your mail to redeem your gift card.

There are two ways to redeem your eGift promo codes:

  • by selecting ‘Redeem Code’ on Payit’s home screen, or
  • by selecting ‘Enter Promocode’ on your edit profile screen.

Next, input the code you received in your email and click ‘Apply‘ to continue.

Once you submit the promo code, you will receive a confirmation that ‘your promo code has been applied.’

So, this Rakhi, go beyond the ordinary and infuse your greetings with your shared history, creating a lasting memory that echoes with love.

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