Running Out of Cash? 5 Benefits of Using Payit to Pay Your Maids in Dubai

  • October 16, 2023
  • 04:15 Minutes


A significant portion of the workforce includes domestic maids and laborers from various corners of the world in the UAE. While the country offers tremendous opportunities and a high standard of living, it also presents unique challenges when it comes to paying wages and managing financial transactions for these essential house helps.

In this blog, we discuss critical issues and complexities you face in paying and managing compensation for maids and laborers in the UAE and how you and the maids can benefit from using the Payit mobile wallet app.

Key Challenges While Paying Your Domestic Helps in Dubai

Paying domestic helpers like maids and drivers in Dubai can be tricky. Here are some challenges

Cash Dependency: People usually pay domestic workers in cash, which can be risky and inconvenient. It means you need to have cash ready and may need to visit ATMs often.

Payment Records: Keeping track of cash payments is hard because they often need proper records. This can lead to arguments.

Labor Laws: Dubai has strict labor laws, including timely payments. Digital payments help ensure you follow these laws.

Security Concerns: Carrying lots of cash or paying in cash can be risky due to theft or loss.

Limited Banking Access: Some workers may not have bank accounts, making it hard to get payments through bank transfers.

Why Use Payit to Pay Your Domestic Maids Hassle-Free?

Payit makes paying your domestic maids easy and stress-free. It’s safe, convenient, and follows the rules, so you don’t have to worry.

Customer/Payer Benefits

Paying your domestic maids using our app offers several advantages for customers:


It simplifies the process of paying your domestic maids. You don’t need to remember to make payments since, using the Payit app, you can transfer money anytime from anywhere. It enables you to make payments quickly and easily without the hassle of handling cash or making trips to the bank.


It provides a secure transaction platform, reducing the risk of losing or stealing money during payment. The app completes the transaction only after getting your confirmation and a mobile PIN set by you. It also follows the security measures required by the applicable laws.

Record Keeping

It maintains a digital record of all your payments, ensuring you have a clear and organized history of transactions for your records.


It helps you adhere to labor laws and regulations by facilitating timely and documented payments to your domestic maids. Thus, no more cash payments or the hassle of remembering how you paid last time.

24/7 Accessibility

You can make payments anytime, even outside of traditional banking hours, making it highly convenient with the app.

Currency Flexibility

The app can handle payments in various currencies, accommodating the needs of domestic maids from different countries. So, you can transfer money directly to their bank accounts in their home countries at zero fees (in eligible countries).

It streamlines the process of paying domestic maids, offering a safe, efficient, and compliant solution that enhances your convenience as a customer.

Benefits for Maids as well as Domestic Workers

For maids and domestic workers, receiving payments via Payit can offer several benefits:


It provides a secure platform for receiving payments, reducing the risk of theft or loss associated with cash payments.

Timely Payments

With this digital wallet app, maids can receive their payments on time, ensuring they can access their wages when needed. They can also send reminders and request payments from the app without visiting the employers.

No Need for Bank Accounts

Opening a bank account in the UAE is quite challenging for maids and self-employed workers. The app allows them to receive payments without needing a bank account and withdraw cash from any First Abu Dhabi ATM.

Reduced Currency Exchange Hassles

If maids are from different countries and need to receive payments in their home currency, the app can facilitate this, eliminating the need for paying currency exchange charges.

Digital Proof

Maids can keep track of their payment history through the Payit app, providing transparency and documentation for their financial records.


Payit’s mobile wallet feature allows maids to access their funds and make payments or purchases conveniently through their smartphones. Besides receiving payments, maids can explore other app services and features, such as bill payments and online shopping.

Financial Empowerment

Such a digital payment platform can help domestic workers become more financially literate and independent in managing their finances.

It offers maids and domestic workers a secure, efficient, and accessible way to receive payments while providing additional financial benefits and tools for their convenience and financial well-being.


Payit creates a win-win solution for employers and domestic workers in Dubai.

It offers convenience and security for employers while ensuring timely payments and easy access to funds for domestic workers.

The platform bridges the gap for those without traditional bank accounts, promoting financial inclusivity. With added services like record-keeping and currency flexibility, the app is a flexible tool for managing domestic worker payments.

Pay your maids quickly with the Payit mobile wallet app and enjoy exciting offers and discounts to shop from your favorite brands, travel, and book hotels at the best rates with the Letsgo Payit card.

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