Top 4 To-Dos On Pre-Ramadan Checklist for Every Household

  • March 21, 2022
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With Ramadan coming up soon, you need to stock up on all the essentials you need. The holy month is the perfect time for self-reflection and requires endless determination. Fasting can become an easier task if it’s done the right way. Not doing so might make you feel more tired than usual, which is exactly why you should prepare your Ramadan checklist beforehand. 

Advance preps for the holy month include putting together a diverse range of items and getting yourself organized for Suhoor, Iftar, and gatherings with family and friends. It’s also the perfect time to pay more attention to house cleaning and obtaining anything you require in terms of tidying up. 

A good practice followed by many households is meal prepping, planning, and laying out everything that is needed during the month. Not to worry! No matter what you require, here is an essential Ramadan preparation checklist that you could use as a starting point. 

Home Cleaning

As Ramadan is during spring in 2022, there’s no better time than now to get your spring cleaning started. As the holy month approaches, your house will need to be ready for the abundance of blessings that you will receive. You should ensure that your surroundings are as tidy as possible.

Take out time before the month begins for a comprehensive deep cleaning session. This doesn’t only include superficial top-level cleaning, but also a “check under the sofas and beds for dust” sort of attitude. Change all your bed covers, dust the cushions, and make sure that your counters and floors are sparkling. Don’t forget to get all your cleaning essentials for the whole month, so that you don’t have to make the same trip twice. 

Buy new cleaning accompaniments such as mops, brooms, dusting brushes, and more, as well as antibacterial wipes and surface cleaners. Opt for greener and more natural choices.

Home Reorganization  

Once all the basics are spotless, it’s time to reorganize your home to prepare for what lies ahead. 


The first area you should work on is the kitchen, especially your refrigerator. You’ll need space to stock up your fridge shelves with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, liquids such as juices, and healthy snacks. First, you must clean all the shelves to spotless perfection. You can use any natural cleaner or try a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Once all the stains and odors have been removed, create sections for various types of groceries. Keep dedicated compartments for fruits and veggies, meat, and any leftovers. Also, have a section for ingredients that have been prepared for the next day’s meal.  

As for the kitchen, don’t forget to keep your essential cooking tools in plain sight and to tuck away anything you don’t require. Label all your jars, from spices to condiments, to help you locate things much faster and keep those items you use regularly in a place that’s easy to access. Clear out any food that will expire soon or make sure to use them in a short period.

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Ramadan is the month of giving and partaking in good deeds. An area you could start with is your room. Try to organize anything you don’t need for Zakat/Donation. Start with your closet. Take out all your clothes and place them in the center of the room. Place them into piles, divided into what clothes you wear regularly and would like to keep versus what you can donate to someone in need. 

Pay Your Zakat Online

Similarly, you might have bedsheets or knick-knacks lying around that you don’t use. Put everything inside a box and search for a donation center closest to you. 

Additionally, you might find yourself sleeping differently than usual during Ramadan, and your relaxation space should be neat. Do change your bed covers as frequently as possible and check that your curtains provide adequate darkness during peak afternoons. We suggest getting complete blackout curtains so that not a single ray of sunshine enters your abode.

Dining area

Ramadan is perfect the time to host heartfelt gatherings during Iftar for family and friends. Your dining area will be the main area for your guests, and you would need to ensure that it’s suitable to take in a large number of people. Iftar is a holy time that brings the community closer, and the foremost value it propagates is the concept of sharing. As such, your guests would need to be comfortable and feel at home.

Make sure that anything you use in your dining area is easily washable. Cover your table with stain-resistant sheets and try to use biodegradable disposable cutlery as much as possible. While cooking a lot of food is important, you also have to keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any wastage. In case any extra food does get leftover, either make sure it’s consumed for Suhoor the next day or donate it to anyone nearby such as your watchman or a labor camp.

Organize the dustbin area in such a way that it’s easy for guests to dispose of their cutlery. Always make sure that you throw out the garbage as soon as the gathering is over. If you don’t, the waste will fester overnight, attracting a bad odor and insects.  

House Decoration

Once your house is cleaned and all essential areas organized, it’s time for you to decorate! You can either try some DIY tips and tricks, such as making banners and paper lanterns by hand with your child. Alternatively, you could go to your favorite decor shop to pick up any essentials. Several motifs signify Ramadan such as the crescent moon and a star.

You could also set up a designated prayer corner, decorated with lights or candles, and infused with a lovely, peaceful aroma. As you will be visiting this part of the house frequently during Ramadan, make it your safe abode and keep it tidy. Make sure it radiates positivity and upholds the spirit of the holy month.

Meal Planning

The best way to make Ramadan a peaceful experience is by planning your meals and prepping everything in advance. Here are some tips:

Have a digital or physical planner

Whether you’re someone who prefers a digital medium to jot down your notes or would rather have a notebook on hand, it’s essential to plan your Suhoor and Iftar meals. This keeps it easier for you to check which groceries you require and on which days. Also, make a special note for the days you call guests over. Keep dedicated days for shopping at hypermarkets that bring valuable Offers in Ramadan such. We suggest doing this over the weekend because if you’re working during the week, you might be too tired to venture outside on a shopping spree. 

Menu preparation

The next step is menu preparation for Iftar and Suhoor. You could either do it for the whole month a few days before Ramadan begins or do it at the beginning of every week during the holy month based on the supplies you already have on hand. Jot down all the ingredients you might need for the month that aren’t easily perishable, such as spices, salt, pepper, canned food, and so forth.

Meal preps

To make sure that you’re managing your time well between Iftar and Suhoor, prep your meals in advance. Cut fruits and vegetables and place them in labeled boxes. Having juices during Ramadan is extremely healthy and aids the fasting process. You can prepare ingredients for smoothies or fresh juices separately, and keep them ready in a ziplock or small box. You could also prepare healthy dishes before the month begins and keep them in the freezer. Ensure that you only cook dishes that will retain their nutrient value even after being frozen. We’re also sure that you would like to munch on healthy snacks during Iftaar or Suhoor. Prepare chutneys or sauces in advance to make the experience even better. 

Healthy eating 

Ramadan is the time to eat as healthily as possible. Your body will be going through long periods of fasting and you need to stay away from fatty foods and fried items. Keep a watch out for the nutritious value of everything you pick up at the grocery store. Hypermarkets have a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and even organic ingredients. Everything you consume should provide enough energy for you to get through the day. 

Keep this essential Ramadan checklist guide by your side!

We hope this guide helps you throughout the holy month. We aim to make organizing all your essentials easier. Remember to tidy your house, plan out your rooms, prepare meals in advance, and eat healthily.

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