Top Sports News Apps to Follow for the FIFA World Cup 2022

  • December 13, 2022
  • 3:50 minutes


While the Qatar World Cup 2022 has come to its end, football fan zones are also being flooded with football fans daily. Football matches now are catching attention across the globe as it is nearing its final game on the 18th of December, 2022.

So how do you stay updated with the football scores? Our below-suggested sports news apps will help you keep updated with the latest scores and match news of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, even when you can’t watch the match.

Football News Apps for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Updates

Almost every sports news app will provide you with live scores and updates about the most happening sports event in the world – the FIFA world cup 2022. However, only a few top sports news apps will also provide you with dynamic updates and reports for those who have followed football matches for a long.

Let’s look at some of these most popular and reliable sports news apps to update you on the latest events about the Qatar football world cup 2022.


FIFA+ is the official football world cup app that currently provides regular, simple, yet reliable updates about the football world cup happening in Qatar. The app lets you track your favorite team as it gathers every information about the team in one place.

It also provides the latest news about the football players from every team. From tracking the match schedule to watching the original match content, the FIFA+ official app has everything you need to know about the football world cup 2022.

Thus, even if you missed watching the live match, you can catch original clips of significant moments of the world cup matches from this app.


As one of the oldest sports news apps, LiveScore updates you with the live scores of significant sporting events, including football, cricket, and hockey. The app’s scoreboards are updated in real-time to give you the latest score details.

The live commentary, official team lineups, and in-depth details of every match are available on this app. LiveScore has all you need to track the world cup matches as a fanatic football fan.

Google search is the name that will come to your mind whenever you want to know about anything. Similarly, it is one of the most reliable apps for tracking the World Cup matches of 2022.

In fact, considering your recent searches, google search automatically showcases news or events that interest you the most. For example, if you have searched the most about the Liverpool football team, it will fill your dashboard with news about this team.

Google search allows you to pin the live score of your favorite match on the homepage to help you stay on track if you can’t watch a live match.


Premier leagues, fixtures, live scores, player stats, and everything is available on this popular app. Onefootball is one of the most viewed apps for the latest news, highlights, and lineup details for the FIFA world cup 2022.


Not only the Qatar World Cup 2022, but FotMob is your one-stop shop solution for all the football matches to track live updates. Be it a La Liga, the FA cup, or Serie A, FotMob gives all the latest news about football matches worldwide.

The app also provides smart widgets to track live events about your favorite national team for the World Cup Tournament.

World Soccer Fixtures & Scores

With specialized tabs on the dashboard for group tables, fixtures, and matches, World Soccer Fixtures & Scores provides all information you need for the Football World Cup 2022. It is one of the most reliable apps for tracking the updates of the overall tournament rather than about a specific team or sporting event.


BeSoccer is famous for offering a personalized user experience to its users from the first time you register for the app; it will ask you to enter your favorite team and league. The app has the unique feature of providing sports player’s information about injuries and statistics to keep the fans updated and compare with other players.


365Scores covers more than ten sports, including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, etc. However, you can refrain from receiving any updates from a particular sport. You get to choose your favorite team and league to receive regular updates on the lineups, fixtures, player information, and more.


The Sofascore app is known for its faster delivery of the latest updates on scores and any other news related to the sports it covers. The FIFA World Cup 2022 fans can download the app and get the latest news about the matches, teams, and players if they miss catching up on the live thrill of the world cup matches.

Closing Thoughts

When multiple sports news apps are available on the play store, it becomes challenging to pick the best one. We just made that work easy for you, and depending on your interests, you can pick any of these to customize your experience.

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