Why Does payit Digital Wallet Become Your Primary Way to Make Payments?

  • August 29, 2021
  • 10 minutes read

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Despite the advent of digital wallets, we haven’t completely replaced credit or debit cards or even traditional cash. We still use them to pay utility bills, make online and in-store purchases, make payments for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and so on. 

Naturally, you’d ask why one would want to choose an e-wallet such as payit over other types of payment options. With multiple payment options at hand, why should you choose to go for a digital wallet? In other words, how can payit cater perfectly to all your primary demands when making your payments?

The answer lies in the overlap of advancement and ease of use that comes with a digital wallet. Apart from payit, you may have also heard of Samsung Pay or Skrill, or Nexo. These are all the various kinds of digital wallets and cover almost all of your payment concerns under one roof. This all-rounded convenience is what makes the payit digital wallet your go-to for every payment. 

All Your Payments in One Place

People from previous generations have struggled throughout their life for the sake of maintaining their expenses and savings. Counting money by hand, updating registers every day, waiting in long lines to get cash from the bank to make payments, and keeping track of all your receipts. It has been a handful of inevitable trouble.

With an e-wallet, this problem vanishes in an instant. E-wallets are smarter than all other modes of payment. They’re software programs that simplify your record-keeping for you. They tell you how much you’ve spent, saved, cashed out, deposited, etc. 

You can connect e-wallets to your banks as well as to the places you’re making your payment at. Since e-wallets are compatible with almost every place you usually pay at or get paid at, you don’t have to look into any other mode. 

Human Friendly

Cash or card, by their very nature, cannot communicate with you. Sure, the more zeroes you have on your bill, the heavier your wallet will be, but other than that, they don’t automatically give you a sense of spending wisely. By using a digital wallet, you replace these mute pieces of paper and plastic with actual interactive apps on your phone.

Here’s how it happens: 

  • Download and open payit app on your phone 
  • You enter your card and bank account details
  • Next, you check if you have enough balance to pay for that train your child won’t leave behind at the toy store
  • You connect to the store’s Point of Sale using NFC (Near Field Communication) to make the payment
  • You find out there’s a loyalty reward waiting for you in the wallet (wow!)
  • You get the toy train at 40% off. Not only do you save your money, but you also get a great toy on the spot for your little one
  • If you’re lucky, you may also get an e-voucher for the next time you make a purchase at this store!

Digital wallet apps also have video tutorials, 24×7 customer help, chatbots. They make you feel more informed and less unsure when you’re dealing with payments. It’s like your economics nerd buddy constantly having your back!

Safe to Use

Safety doesn’t only refer to pickpockets or gunpoint robberies, or credit card frauds. As humans, we also often tend to be careless while handling our cards, cash, and even the devices on which we use our digital wallets. 

Now, your misplaced card is susceptible to fraud at any moment. As for cash, there’s no way to recover it unless you get a hold of who stole it. But what about digital wallets? Are they any safer?

The answer is yes! The device on which you store your digital wallet may be at risk of getting lost or getting attacked by a virus, but the applications themselves are designed to be the safest way to store your money. 

A digital wallet is encrypted with codes, passwords, PINs, and algorithms. These unique bits of data are centrally protected by your e-wallet provider, so even if there is a cyber attack (which rarely happens), you’ll have some way of holding the company accountable. 

If your device is stolen, you’ll be able to immediately block access through email verification or e-wallet provider support. With all these security measures in place, an e-wallet becomes the safest place to store your financial balance, and consequently, the safest way to make transactions.

Available: Anywhere and Anytime

Another big reason why many modern consumers are shifting to e-wallets is that they’re portable and functional anywhere and anytime. Imagine having your cheque bounced back at 3 am when you’re having an emergency at the hospital. Imagine you realize you’ve forgotten your wallet when you finally make it to the cash counter after half an hour.

However, you don’t have to get in long lines or get cheques declined when you have an e-wallet. They’re fully functional wherever you go and are compatible with almost all transactions you make on a daily basis.

Multiple Promo Codes 

Aside from being available anytime and anywhere, payit encourages users to use its services more than any other digital wallet. payit can help users save money in comparison to other digital wallets. Aside from the minimal transaction and balance transfer fees, the payit e-wallet is entirely free for all users, and there are no external subscription charges. 

Not only is it free, but payit offers users multiple different incentives through its promo codes. All users can easily access these codes by entering them into the application before completing a transaction. As is the case with most promo codes, all users need to read the terms and conditions before using the offer. 

Users can access payit cashback offers from their website and use them once. It’s important to note that users can’t apply these promo codes before making the payment. Several big retailers are in partnership with payit and offer users exclusive promos. Here are some of the cashback codes that users can use currently:

E-Commerce Offer

Get AED 75 cashback on your first online purchase at SharagDG, Jumbo, EMAX, PLATX.


Get 50% cashback up to AED 20. Min purchase AED 10 across Groceries


Users can receive 50% cashback to a maximum limit of AED 20. The code will only work on a minimum transaction amount of AED 20. It’s a code that’s only valid for three maximum transactions. 

Loads of Brilliant Features

payit’s digital wallet is so attractive to users because not only does it offer convenient payment options, it comes with a bundle of different features that makes life much easier. Among the most convenient features is the ability to split bills quickly and evenly among your friends. Instead of having to sort out the bill awkwardly, the payit app will handle all the necessary business for you!

Another brilliant feature that payit offers is that it supports MoneyGram. The MoneyGram support helps ensure that payit users send money to more than 200 countries. Instead of having to visit a bank and spend a long time waiting in line, you can transfer money with the press of a button. 

Whoever you transfer the money to can go easily pick up the cash via their closest exchange agent. payit also doesn’t charge any additional fees for their money transfer service. Users can also access the exchange rates between different currencies, which receive updates after every three seconds. Not only will payit transform the way you spend your money, but it also has a significant impact on how you transfer your money as well. 

The payit digital wallet is designed to ensure that modern users get access to all the payment services they need. One of the most valuable features is the addition of recurring payments. Users can schedule these payments to occur every month. It’s handy when it comes to making subscription payments. payit even allows account holders to make school payments through their digital wallets. 


When they first came out, digital wallets wouldn’t convince everyone. However, payit’s looking to completely change that opinion and get as many users as possible to convert to a digital wallet. The ease-of-use, security, convenience, and innovative nature of digital wallets will ensure that it quickly becomes the consumers’ preferred choice for making any transactions. 

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