10 New Year Gifts Ideas for Her

  • December 26, 2021
  • 10 minutes read


Even though some of us are poor at picking gifts for those we love, we can’t escape the tradition at certain times. New Year, for instance, brings with it new joys, new expectations, and a fairly unchallenged obligation to gift others something that helps them feel the newness of the coming year. And even though there’s a startlingly huge variety of gift options to choose from, it’s quite likely that you may face difficulty picking the right gift for her. 

Not to worry, though. This blog covers the top 10 unique and fail-proof gift ideas for her on this New Year Celebration, so you can celebrate the next ten years without much difficulty!

1. Gift Coupons

It’s a digital world. Many people shop online and use digital payments at traditional stores, too. This shift to virtual payment methods opens up new avenues for those looking to send digital gifts to their loved ones.

However, it can also be slightly tricky to pick vouchers that are truly useful for her! If you’re confused between makeup, perfume, books, chocolate, or any other kind of store category for your gift, the easiest solution is to head over to payit promotions section! Besides keeping your money safe and offering you gift vouchers for yourself, this section also allows you to curate gift vouchers for other people. 

as we have an impressive range of stores that accept digital vouchers, so this is a pretty clever idea to send a gift to someone. Using payit’s promo codes option lets her picks from edibles, jewelry, academic gifts, DIYs, and many other areas of her interest!

2. Nightwear

Another option that’s fairly simple and thoughtful at the same time! Everyone needs comfy warm nightwear for a comfortable winter nights’ sleep, right? So when you’re thinking of gifting something that indicates comfort and a homely feeling, a set of brand-new nightwear can be the perfect gift for her. 

Nightwear gifts also come with a plentiful range. You might look into silk gowns, terry cloth robes, or some more casual cotton/wool pajamas. Once you’ve decided on the type of nightwear, it’s time to pick a color. You may go for earthly or bright tones if you’re gifting it to someone in your family or friends. With nightwear, there’s another advantage; most of these are avail in free, one-size-fits-all options, so you don’t need to rack your bran picking the right size!

3. Subscription Boxes

payit also allows you to pay for high-quality subscription boxes, so you can browse through online subscription packages without worrying about the timing or the price, or the quality of the items that she will receive in her subscription box. 

Subscription boxes are great gifts if you’re aiming big and fancy. You can schedule for one-time boxes, weekly boxes for one month, monthly boxes for the whole year, or any other option that’s feasible. Just like gift coupons, these are also available for people with different interests. You may pick from academic collections, collectible fictions, antiquities, skincare brands, experimental desserts, and so on. These gifts will last as long as you keep up the subscription, so you can even stretch it over the whole year and sign up for a new subscription box the next year!

4. Create-Your-Own Beauty Sets

If she’s into makeup and skincare, then you’re in luck! The makeup and skincare industry now offers more liberation than ever to pick, choose, and mix your ingredients according to your liking and skin type. You can find mask-making sets, lip balm sets, foundation mixers, and even perfume mixing sets for her in makeup stores, both online and traditional ones.

Using these sets, she can create her own looks from scratch and work towards better skin using wholesome, cruelty-free, and proven skincare and makeup ingredients. She can also pick her own colors, scents, minerals, and lastingness.

5. Chocolate Mixes

Since there are a number of major holiday celebrations around the new year, you’ll also find store shelves piled with a mouthwatering range of chocolates of sorts. Some may be holiday-seasons specialties, some may be new launches, and some other classics may be available at a discounted price, too.

Similar to most other gift options, you may not find it too difficult to pick a product here, too, thanks to the large variety of products available in nearly every specialty store and supermarket!

From pralines to candies to caramel truffles and more, you may pick an option that fits your budget and her taste in chocolates. If you’re not sure about the latter, then you can even stick to the safest classics and amp them up with more festive packaging. You may hand-pack these in baskets, bouquets, as well as wrapping papers to make her feel special even if the items are relatively common!

6. Scratch-Off 100 Dates Calendar

A scratch-off, reusable 100 dates calendar is perhaps the sweetest keepsake of her 100 best dates in the year to come. You can find these in different template options. There are some which have a single page with a hundred tiny icons where she can stick memories from her 100 best dates of the year. You can also find varieties in monthly calendars, as well as 100-page stack calendars. 

There’s a huge advantage to these scratch-able date charts. Unlike many other gifts, these are reusable gifts, so if she’s a climate-conscious person, this calendar is perhaps the safest gift you’ll find!

7. Polaroid Camera With Frames

A camera is like a gift containing many gifts. Polaroids, for instance, have an inherently nostalgic trait in the way they’re built and the color filters they use. Other than this, Polaroids are also fairly more affordable than other cameras. You may also top the gift with a couple of photo frames if you want her to keep you in her memories for longer! 

8. Live Indoor Plants

Want to gift her something that doesn’t seem inherently materialistic? A set of plants sounds like the best choice in that case! Indoor plants, live ones, in particular, are an easy winner for many people and are quite likely to be a success when it comes to her, too.

Besides being easy to look after, indoor plants are also huge in variety in species, colors, sizes, and seasons!

While looking for live indoor plants, you may go for ferns, creepers, succulents, bonsais, cacti, aloe vera, and so on. However, as you browse through the collection, make sure you also get the watering and fertilizing guides from the florist!

Lastly, live plants might get a bit tricky to maintain. If you don’t want your gift to be in vain, you may ask the florist for a money-back digital payment guarantee through payit. Here, you may also avail discounts and get the plant exchanged in case she wants another one!

9. DIY Journaling Sets

Journaling seems to be a rising trend these days. There is a growing range of colors, patterns, material, paper quality, formats, decorations, themes, and other elements of the usual journal. 

You can find a growing variety of these journals on different stationaries and online stores, too. You may look for paperback journals, leatherback journals, journals with pens, quills, and inks, journals with tapes, loose glitter, and a dozen other decorative elements.

With a DIY journal, she’ll have the liberty to do anything she likes, write about anything, and preserve her best memories. The number of pages may be limited, but a journal like this can carry invaluable sentiments.

10. DIY Sealing Kits

Sealing kits might sound like an eccentric choice for a gift, but it’s the range of usefulness these kits have is actually pretty amazing. DIY sealing kits contain a host of decorative items. The most basic sets contain wax sticks, a pouring vessel, and sets of seals. Even with these simple ones, she can mix sealing waxes in the pouring vessel to create multicolored seals. 

Besides the simple ones, you can also find sets that contain wax-soluble glitter packets, vintage envelopes, DIY-stamp creators, bits of paper and parchment, fake pressed flowers, and similar dark academia-themed items. If she’s not the one for dark academia, then you may also find collections that have a pastel aesthetic or something with vibrant, neon tones as well!


As the New Year comes closer, you’ll find it more difficult — and opportune — than ever to get the right gift for her. It is true that you have to invest a considerable amount of time in picking the right gift if she truly matters to you, but again, there’s no lack of choice and options out there. 

However, when you are busy shopping, it’s also a good idea to consider shifting your payment mode to an e-wallet that’s reliable. This is because it’ll make it easier for you to avail discounts and get gift coupons!

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