In Expo 2020 Don’t Miss These10 Activities For A Day Out

  • January 02, 2022
  • 10 minutes read


The buzz and excitement surrounding expo 2020 in Dubai have been building up for almost eight years. Ever since Dubai made a bid and won the appointment panel at World Expo in Paris in 2013, the world has patiently been waiting for the phenomenal 6-month long show that is expected from the Emirate of Dubai. 

However, as the time for the grand event drew near, the world fell silent as it grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping in mind the health and safety concerns of both attendees and hosts, organizers pushed expo 2020 forward by a year. 

With over 190 countries participating, Expo 2020 is estimated to have over 25 million visitors this year. Tickets for the show can be conveniently purchased at the gate, through verified resellers, or online. The process is more easier and straightforward if you use a secure digital wallet app such as payit

If you’re planning on visiting expo 2020 but are confused about being unable to choose from the plethora of activities present, let us help you figure out what you absolutely cannot miss at this grand event!

1. Talabat Kitchen 

You are bound to get hungry while exploring the numerous sites inside the grand Expo 2020. How about trying out a new, innovative, and futuristic food delivery system to curb those hunger pangs? Talabat is the Official Expo 2020’s Food Delivery Provider. 

Featuring a unique double-storied cloud kitchen that contains food from around the world with 15 cuisines from 30 different brands! Whether you want to dine-in and have your food be brought to you through a fun conveyor belt or have it delivered to you as you explore the festival, the choice is yours. 

The q-commerce or ‘quick commerce’ platform can also be accessed through the Talabat app. This app can be used to conveniently place your order and then receive it at the nearest selected Talabat kiosk. Since carrying cash at such a big event can be inconvenient and unsafe, you can safely pay through payit for hassle-free delivery. 

2. Love Sports? Participate or watch Expo 2020’s Sports activities!

If you’re particularly inclined towards sports, then Expo 2020’s Sports, Fitness, and Wellbeing Hub is where you should be. This area has something for all sports and fitness lovers. Special sporting events have been scheduled in collaboration with Dubai Sports Council that feature international sports stars representing their country. Large-scale events such as the Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Creative Sports Awards and the 16th Dubai International Sports Conference will also take place in Expo 2020.

If you plan on participating in sporting events at Expo 2020, then carrying a wallet or cash around can be a hassle. You also run the risk of dropping your money during a sporting event. A convenient alternative would be to use your payit digital wallet instead, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money and enjoying Expo 2020 with peace of mind. 

3. Ride An Electric Bicycle 

Expo 2020 is a showcase of all the new technology the world of science is beginning to offer – and that includes electric bicycles. 

Expo 2020 spans the course of 180 acres, but you don’t have to see all of that on foot. Just rent out an electric cycle and use it as your means of transport! These electric bicycles have motors that help you out while you’re pedaling. 

4. Eat Food of the future at the Epochal Banquet 

Expo 2020 wouldn’t be as exciting if it didn’t showcase the impact of technology on nearly all aspects of life. What better way to appreciate science and technology if not through innovations in essential cuisines to create a mind-blowing, multisensory culinary adventure? 

The Epochal Banquet has been specially crafted for Expo 2020 by Bompas & Parr. It features a 3-course meal curated using special techniques and the incorporation of hyper-artificial intelligence, microbiology, and technology. 

This gastronomic feast lasts for about two hours and will leave visitors speechless with its unprecedented incorporation of artificial intelligence. Epochal Banquet brings forth a unique cuisine, the likes of which the world has never seen before. 

5. Experience the Firdaus Orchestra

Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see renowned producer A.R. Rahman’s all-women orchestra. With the first concert of Rahman’s orchestra already over, approximately five more are to come over the next few months. 

The orchestra performs at Jubilee Park, but tickets for the performance are not available. Instead, people seem to get a place on a first-come, first-serve basis, and some had to queue for hours to see the first concert. 

6. Guilt-free shopping at the World Souq

Dubai is almost always synonymous with excellent shopping. The emirate is filled with brands from all over the world, and people flock to get their hands on the latest trends. Therefore, it only makes sense for Expo 2020 to have a dedicated area for shopping where visitors can indulge in guilt-free retail therapy. The crafts present at the World Souq are ethically sourced from only the most responsible and sustainable vendors. 

Visitors will find a wide variety of eye-catching items and souvenirs they can purchase. Items available at the arena are sourced from the participating countries, so visitors have a varied collection of international items available in one place. 

Although shopping with cash is always an option, carrying it around can be a hassle, especially in a crowded area where chances of theft or loss are high. Instead, a good option would be to pay with a well-known digital wallet app that is safe, secure, and convenient.

7. The Netherlands Pavilion – A True Wonder

If you’re looking forward to seeing a true human marvel that combines nature and science beautifully, then head to the Netherlands Pavilion. Designed by V8 architects, this pavilion features a conical exhibit that has a vertical farm with edible vegetation on the inner surface and various types of mushrooms on the outer surface. 

The unique shape of the element helps regulate temperatures and creates a unique biotope that produces rain, grows food, and harvests energy and water. Industrial grade materials, different metals, sheets, pipes, ducts, and steel tubes blend in seamlessly with organic fabrics and vegetation to form a masterpiece that exhibits art, technology, architecture, and nature in perfect harmony. 

This project is Netherland’s all-encompassing and innovative solution to the world’s most pressing issues, i.e., water shortages and food scarcity. This technological marvel not only looks mesmerizing but beats expectations performance-wise as well. The conical structure can extract about 800 liters of water per day and is powered by Marjan van Aubel’s organic solar power cells. 

8. Visit The Expo Beats Festival 

No festival would be complete without music, so it only makes sense for Expo-2020 to turn music into a highly visual and fun experience for visitors. 

The Beats Festival series is spread out over six unique festivals. It features artists from all over the world and translates into an amalgamation of dance, poetry, and modern and traditional music. Expo beats is a celebration of sorts that helps bring together artists from different countries to create music that transcends borders. 

9. Experience Rashid’s Playground – An Oceanic Wonder for Children

As mentioned earlier, Expo 2020 has something for everyone, including children. If you’ve come to the festival with your family and children, you would want a fun exhibit for them to explore as well. Especially since children tend to get over-stimulated and bored with so much science and technology that they cannot yet understand. 

So, a fun place for the kids to visit and take a break is Rashid’s playground. This ocean-themed adventure playground features numerous fun activities for children. These include giant, yet friendly interactive 3-D humpback whales, whale slides, and ocean liners! Rashid’s playground is a fun way for kids to find out more about aquatic life and fall in love with the waters. 

10. Visit The Garden In The Sky 

Garden In The Sky is an observation tower at the Expo 2020 that sits 55 meters above the ground. Designed by London-based architect Asif Khan, the observation deck at the top offers visitors a panoramic view of all 180 acres of the Expo. 

The tower also rotates and includes upper and lower cabins that ascend and descend. The observation deck also includes a beautiful garden, hence the name garden in the sky. 


The Expo 2020 is one of the grandest international festivals to be held in Dubai. There’s something in store for everyone at this multifaceted festival, and by planning your day correctly, you can enjoy all the best activities without feeling like you’ve missed out on something. 

One way of ensuring your cash is secure and ready to be transferred whenever the need arises is through handy digital wallets. A safe, secure, and convenient digital wallet that is widely used in Dubai, such as payit, can help you eliminate the hassle of handling cash at a busy festival!

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