7 Trendy Spots You Must Visit In UAE This Winter

  • January 17, 2022
  • 10 minutes read


Initially, when people would visit the UAE, they would only visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As a result, most tourists living outside the UAE won’t even know about the other five emirates. However, residents know that the other emirates hold some of the top trendiest tourist spots. 

Not only will you get to enjoy a collection of some of the finest shopping around the globe, but there’s a little bit of everything in the UAE for people to enjoy.

Winter is an excellent time for traveling around the UAE as there are a lot of shopping festivals, and tourists from around the world are visiting to enjoy these. Here’s everything you need to know about the trendiest spots across the UAE that you shouldn’t miss visiting this winter. 

  1. Fossil Dunes – Abu Dhabi

While visiting the UAE, most people expect to experience skyscrapers, incredible shopping, and an entire urban environment. However, that would be completely undersell the beauty of Abu Dhabi. 

One of the must-see natural attractions in Abu Dhabi this winter is the fossil dunes. If you thought that the environments in the movie Dune were amazing, then wait till you get a sight of the incredible views at the Abu Dhabi fossil dunes. 

The fascinating thing about the fossil dunes is that they’re completely natural. Their structure came about as a result of wind, sand, and the process of time. They take their signature dune shape as calcium carbonate mixed with the sand hardens and forms unique structures. 

One fossil dune will never resemble another as the wind actively changes its structure. As a result, they’ll also change their shape over time. 

If you’re not using your own car or a rented vehicle, you’ll have to schedule a car in advance. The fossil dunes are 70km south of Abu Dhabi Island. It’s a good idea to use google maps while you’re on your way there. 

Once you get close, you’ll either have to change to a 4×4, you’ll have to park your car or walk to the location. Make sure that you have a ride booked for your way back, and the driver doesn’t just leave. 

Winter is the best time to visit the site, and it’s also completely free. However, it’s important that all visitors be responsible and not cause any damage to the fossil dunes. They may look sturdy, but climbing the dunes could potentially damage the structure. 

  1. Visit the Creek – Dubai 

Most people tend to only know Dubai for its glitz and glamour, but one of the best things to do during the winters is sailing the creek and visiting the oldest part of the city. 

With the temperature a little kinder during the winters, it’s much easier to make your way through the souk and shop away. Instead of letting the heat get the better of you, the cool temperatures might help make it easier to negotiate prices.

Another must-see site in the old part of town is Al Fahidi Fort which also houses the Dubai Museum. It’s a great place to learn about Dubai and see how the city came to be the incredible metropolis that it is today. 

You can round off your trip by sailing along the old creek and visiting Business Bay to catch an excellent view of the famous fountain show!

  1. Al Noor Island – Sharjah 

Nothing beats a winter day in Sharjah spent on the exceptionally beautiful Al Noor Island. It’s a great place to experience nature and the vibrant culture of Sharjah at the same time. However, it can be challenging to fit everything into one day with so many things to do. 

When visiting the island, the Butterfly House is a must-see attraction. The attraction houses more than 500 butterflies that belong to 20 unique exotic species. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. 

Aside from the Butterfly House, there are six different art installations around the island, which all merge effectively with the vibe of the island. If you go at night, you can also catch some beautiful LED installations, and there are even packages for astronomers. 

The Al Noor Island is right next to the Al Noor Mosque. It’s located on Khalid Lagoon, which lies across the Al Majaz waterfront. It’s a very busy location, so just be careful if you’re taking your vehicle along with cause taking a taxi might be a better idea. 

You’ll have to walk across a pedestrian bridge from the Al Noor Mosque to get to the island. Depending on where you find parking and the traffic situation, it can be a very long walk, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. 

  1. Al-Zorah Nature Reserve – Ajman 

If you’re in the mood for some adventure away from all of the tourists during the winters, then the Al-Zorah coastal reserve is the place for you!

Even though it’s all about nature, you’ll find some of the best facilities here as well. There’s a little something for everyone here, from luxury resorts to an incredibly picturesque golf course. 

However, the main reason to visit is the breathtaking Al-Zorah Nature Reserve. It’s two kilometers of mangrove forests that fall under a protected area. The area is essential because it serves an important purpose for migratory birds like flamingos.

  1. Visit the Beach – Umm Al-Quwain 

One of the most underrated emirates is Umm Al-Quwain which has been flying under the radar in the eyes of foreign tourists for a couple of years. The area boasts a couple of attractive beaches, but one that you absolutely must visit is the Umm-Al Quwain beach. 

The beach is incredibly sandy, and it’s ideal for a peaceful barbecue. It’s one of the cleanest beaches you’ll find on the emirates, but it also doesn’t have all the facilities that you’d find at some of the more popular spots. 

  1. Madhab Hot Springs Park – Fujairah 

Fujairah is known for being one of the quieter Emirates, and it’s perfect for a bit of relaxation during the winter months. Unfortunately, it is also the area that gets the most significant amount of rain in the UAE. 

If you’re looking to unwind and want to get away from all urban development, then Fujairah is a must-visit. On the northwest corner of the city, you’ll find the Madhab hot spring park. 

You’ll find the Ain al-Madhab mineral springs here that produce hot sulphuric water, which is then sent through two swimming pools. Both the pools are separated by gender. 

Aside from relaxing in the hot springs, there’s a large park that you can enjoy. It’s an ideal place for families as the kids can play in the playground area, while the parents can relax. 

Travelling can be tough on the body, and these hot springs are a perfect way to help heal your body. 

  1. Hike Jebel Jais – Ras Al Khaimah 

For hikers, the best winter destination in the UAE is the Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. There are six hiking trails that range from easy to moderate difficulty. All these trails start at one point on the main road, which leads up to the mountain. 

Every trail on the market offers spectacular views and a very intimate hiking experience. There are even points for mountain climbers, and it’s only accessible through a guided tour. 

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Make your winters unique this time around by visiting these trendy locations across the UAE. But, instead of just sticking to the conventional choices, some of the less-visited emirates can provide you with the best experiences and memories. 

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