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Personalized Rakhi Greetings: Send Payit eGift Cards for Lasting Smiles

Rakhi, an Indian festival for siblings, is around the corner, and the festival becomes more precious when siblings are together.
A general ritual of this festival is that the sisters tie a thread (representing a bond between brother and sister) on the brother’s wrist, and the brothers, in return, give a token of gift.

10 Best Footwear Trends of 2023 to Start Wearing Now

If you’re always searching for the latest trends to slay the style game, you’re in for a treat! This year, footwear trends are buzzing with unique innovations and classic comebacks.
Whether you’re a fan of sneakers, adore heels, or seek comfort and functionality, there’s a shoe trend made just for you.

Avoid These Most Repeated Mistakes While Sending Your Money Abroad

International money transfers have become crucial for personal and business activities, with the world becoming more connected. Whether sending money to your family living abroad or making cross-border payments for your business needs, picking the right money transfer provider is essential.

Back-to-School Shopping Essentials for Your Kids and Teens

With summer vacations ending soon, parents will soon begin searching for the best options to purchase back-to-school supplies for their children. The list of back-to-school essentials varies depending on the child’s age group.

Your Skincare Routine Should Have These Essentials

Index Your morning reflection in the mirror is a testament to the care you invest in your skincare routine. With countless options for skincare essentials tailored to different skin types, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, certain basic skincare essentials stand tall amidst the diversity as must-haves for your daily regimen. Let’s delve into these

Own a Property in UAE? Get Golden Visa and Here’s How to Apply for It

The UAE residents were greatly relieved when the Golden Visa rules were updated in October since it removes the hassle of renewing the visa every year. The residents can now get a golden visa with 10-year validity, a reduced investment, and no purchase transaction restrictions.

What’s the Best Way to Send Money to Your Home: Effortless Money Transfers in UAE

While the expat population comprises almost 88.52% of the country’s population, it is no wonder why the UAE is the second largest contributor in the world in terms of foreign remittances.

Breaking Barriers: How Women are Taking Charge of their Finances – Payit Event Recap

On July 18th, Payit collaborated with Indian Women Dubai (IWD) to host a panel discussion on financial independence for women. Three guest speakers, including Fatima Marting, Principal of Gems New Millennium School, Mitun De Sarkar, Clinical Dietician and Founder of Simply Healthy, and Dr. Rajul Matkar, Obstetrician, and Gynecologist, shared their insights on how women can educate themselves about personal finance and take control of their finances.

Budget-friendly Home Decor Brands That Transform Your Homes into Welcoming Spaces

Home decor can increase your living space’s value by enhancing its visual appeal, functionality, and overall ambiance, making it more appealing with optimized space utilization.
But decorating your home doesn’t have to break your bank account.

Ratibi Salary Card Vs. Traditional Payroll Card What’s the Difference?

As we move towards a more digital and cashless society, how we receive and manage our salaries has also evolved. Salary cards like ratibi salary cards have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional payroll systems due to the flexibility to make digital payments.