Best Online Shopping Tricks to follow when Using Smart Payments

  • June 20, 2021
  • 10 minuets read

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Online shopping has taken over the world. Long gone are the days when you would need to leave the house to get something you need. Everything is available on the internet now, and it is very easy finding good deals and discounts since you can visit multiple stores within minutes! 

However, due to the rise in online purchases, there has been an increase in credit card theft and scams. Luckily, there are ways to combat this! When you are using smart payment options, you should get as much information as possible, and all of what you need to know is written right here.

Best Online Shopping Tips and Tricks You Need To Know 

Most people using smart payments when shopping online. If you do too, here are some tips you should always keep in mind:

Pick Websites Wisely

While there may be millions of online shopping sites, not all of them are safe to use. The best course of action is to stick to websites you are comfortable with and familiar with. If there is a site you are wary of, it is not worth it to take the risk and end up getting scammed, so try to avoid such websites. 

If something looks like it’s too good to be true, the chances are that it is. No platform will risk losing profits, so they may be selling fake or defective products to bait consumers.

Cashback Offers

Who doesn’t want to save some money? With cashback offers like the ones we offer, you can get money back when you shop online! It is like always having discount codes with you because when you spend money on a website partnering with payit, you can use their codes to get a portion of your money back!

Our promotional deals have varying levels of cashback, from ten to twenty percent off! So, you get to make payments quickly, efficiently and get some of your money back when shopping online.  

Read The Reviews

The best way to find safe websites is to read as many reviews as you can. Before taking the plunge for yourself, find other people who took it and see how their experience was. Instead of reading reviews about customer service and product quality on the website itself, it would be better to find external reviews because the site could be hiding any negative feedback. 

Before purchasing the product, you should try finding picture reviews to see exactly what the item looks like in real life. This can be done on the brand’s website, YouTube videos, or other social media platforms. 

Sign Up for Everything

If you register for email notifications on an authentic site, they will send you discount codes and emails for sales very often, which can help you save a lot of money! This will also eliminate the temptation to buy cheap sketchy products since you will already be getting the best deals possible from reliable companies.

If you don’t like getting many spam emails, you can create a brand new account just for this purpose and visit it routinely to see what kinds of deals you can avail. This way, your main inbox won’t be crowded, but you will still reap the benefits.

Don’t Save Information

Everyone defaults to saving purchase information when they checkout online to save them the hassle of putting it in the next time they shop. However, this can potentially be dangerous if the website gets hacked because it could cause your private bank details to be leaked to a third party who may have nefarious intentions. It does take longer to type your information every time, but it is definitely worth it if you consider the risk. 

For websites you are not all that familiar with or those that are new to you, you should pay with a credit card or secure digital wallet instead of debit cards. This is because credit cards have a spending limit, and digital wallets can’t be stolen! In contrast, debit cards give hackers easier access to bank details, and it may take longer to realize that your card has been compromised.

Strong Passwords

There is a reason that websites ask customers to use various numeric digits and symbols in their passwords it becomes harder to hack into your account. The more complicated the password, the safer your account will be! Try not to use the same passwords for all of your different platforms because malicious sites can detect patterns like this and then target you.

To stay more protected, change your passwords frequently and choose something unique every time that doesn’t have your name or age in it.

Reduce The Risk Of Fraud

In theory, banks can work a lot faster than they do. However, the modern age is riddled with hackers who are looking for banks to slip up so they can steal some money. To reduce the risk of fraud, banks often work slower and use encrypted channels. 

These prevention tactics may add some delay to the money transfers, but they are in place for your own safety.

What Kind Of Payment Methods You Can Use While Shopping Online

If you are curious about how you can pay for things you buy online in the UAE, here is a complete list of all payment methods:


This digital wallet was the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. payit is accepted at all the major stores in the region and can even be used to pay domestic workers, and split bills, among many other things. 

It offers an additional layer of security when shopping online. You can also use it freely in public because you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen. payit also allows you to send money to your bank account or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Abu Dhabi Pay

Abu Dhabi Pay can sync with Apple Pay, PayBy, credit or debit cards as well as eDebit cards to bring you an easy, hassle-free way of making online purchases. When you are paying through portals online, you can select the Abu Dhabi Pay option on any government services to utilize this great feature. In this way, your private information stays safe.


If you have American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Mada, or JCB, you can take advantage of Checkout. This application works by storing all your payment methods so that they stay secret when they are used online. It works very quickly and can be used easily on the go.


With Cashu, you can do online transactions without fearing a leak of your bank details. It uses top-of-the-line fraud prevention systems to eradicate any risks of shopping online. 

Summing Up

In conclusion, if you stay vigilant of where you are using your private information, you can help safeguard it. Additionally, using e-wallets and payment portals can keep you away from malicious software that aims to steal your money. Out of all the options mentioned, payit is the easiest and most convenient payment gateway for those who do a lot of online shopping and is highly recommended!

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