Cool Off this Summer in Style: Where to Go in Dubai?

  • June 12, 2023
  • 5:30 minutes


As the summer heat rises, finding ways to beat the scorching temperatures is our top priority. Dubai, known for its extravagant attractions and luxurious lifestyle, offers many indoor activities to keep you and your loved ones cool and entertained during summer.

Dubai has something for everyone, from indoor skiing to immersive museums and thrilling adventures.

Let’s explore some popular indoor activities where you can cool off in style while enjoying all Dubai offers.

Dubai offers a plethora of indoor destinations tailored for people of all ages, providing relief from the scorching summer heat. Discover below some of the highly sought-after venues where both adults and children can indulge in thrilling indoor activities this summer.

Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates

Ski Dubaiis the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort where you can spend a whole day with your family and experience a range of activities. From skiing, snowboarding, and even building snowmen in the snow park, there’s much to do at this popular snow resort.

You also get snowboarding and ski lessons from the experts to experience skiing in the snow.

Green Planet

The Green Planet is a must-visit attraction for nature lovers and curious explorers. This tropical rainforest biodome in City Walk offers an immersive experience where you can walk among lush greenery, encounter exotic animals, and learn about the importance of preserving our ecosystems.

You can also get special packages for camping or explore the planet with the zookeepers to interact better with the creatures.

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Museum of Illusions

Located in Hamariyah, theMuseum of Illusions is a mind-bending experience that challenges your perception of reality. With a variety of optical illusions and interactive exhibits, this museum offers a unique opportunity to capture amazing photos and have fun with friends and family.

The tickets are as low as AED 80 per person and offer discounts for children, students, family packages, and senior citizens.

Bounce, Festival City Mall

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, head to Bounce, an indoor trampoline park, to experience a range of activities, including free-jumping arenas, dodgeball courts, and slam dunk zones.

They offer various packages, including full-day passes, multi-visit passes, and double entry passes for you to enjoy bouncing more than once.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Step into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves at theDubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. This impressive aquarium in the Dubai Mall showcases diverse marine life, including sharks, stingrays, and countless colorful fish. You can even take a walk through the aquarium tunnel or opt for a thrilling cage snorkeling experience.

Dubai Dolphinarium

For an unforgettable experience with marine mammals, visit theDubai Dolphinarium. Located in Creek Park, this unique indoor attraction offers interactive dolphin and seal shows that are both educational and entertaining.

Get up close and personal with these intelligent creatures as they showcase their incredible skills and talents.

Kids Activities and Epic Adventures for Summer in Dubai

The Golden Emirate has many creative and innovative fun activities for kids, from toddlers to young teens. Let’s see some of Dubai’s most attractive kids’ activities and adventure parks.

Children City, Creek Park 

Children Cityis the most affordable science-based learning center located in Creek Park. It features interactive exhibits, a planetarium, a theater, and a nature center, providing an engaging and educational experience for kids of all ages.


OliOli is an award-winning children’s museum that offers 45 hands-on exhibits designed with specific learning objectives. Located in Al Quoz, OliOli combines art, education, and psychology to create a stimulating environment for children to learn and play.

With contributions from 35 artists, educators, and developmental psychologists from 10 different countries, OliOli guarantees a memorable experience for your kids.


Located in The Dubai Mall,Kidzania is an indoor edutainment center where children can role-play various professions and learn about different industries.

From being a doctor to a firefighter or a chef, Kidzania provides a realistic and immersive experience that allows kids to explore their interests and discover new talents.

IMG World of Adventure

IMG World of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park in the world, offering a thrilling experience for both kids and adults. Divided into four themed zones, including Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard, the park features exciting rides, immersive attractions, and live entertainment.

Dubai Ice Rink

If you’re looking for a cool and fun activity, head to the Dubai Ice Rink located in the Dubai Mall. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a beginner, you can enjoy gliding across the ice in a temperature-controlled environment.

Dubai Ice Rink offers public skating sessions, skating lessons, and even ice hockey for those seeking a more active experience on the ice.

Experience Effortless Ticket Payments with the Letsgo Payit Card

To make your indoor adventures in Dubai even more convenient, consider using the Letsgo Payit Card for your ticket purchases.

The card allows you to make seamless payments for various attractions and activities, eliminating the need for physical cash or multiple payment methods.

You may also like to enjoy discounts and offers that the card provides with a hassle-free experience as you explore the best of Dubai’s indoor offerings.

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