PayitConnect23 Event Insights: Interacting with Students

  • June 09, 2023
  • 4:00 Minutes


Payit conducted an interactive event to connect with the students and faculties of the UK College of Business and Computing. The event highlighted how the fintech industry is changing how consumers make payments, manage their finances and plan their future.

Let’s look at the event highlights and how Payit utilizes its direct interaction with customers to tailor its product offerings.

What is the Event PayitConnect23 About?

The PayitConnect23 was organized on 31st May at the University of UK College of Business and Computing. It was a day of interactive sessions with thought leaders, real-world case studies, digitization, and insights into building a career in Fintech.

The event had interactive sessions, including panel discussions, a quiz competition, a raffle draw, and networking with industry experts.

The Focus of the Event

The aim was to help students network and learn from experts and leaders who share stories, discuss strategies, and teach frameworks on finance, technology, and marketing.

The event also focused on guiding the students on careers related to fintech and how they can prepare for it.

As the thought leaders of fintech industries shared insights on digital wallets and how digital payment methods are emerging in the UAE, the students gained valuable knowledge on the future of finance in the region.

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Key Sessions of the Event

Now, let’s look at the key sessions of the day and how the Payit team interacted with the students to help them understand the ever growing fintech landscape.

Panel Discussion: Exploring Fintech Industry

The thought leaders from Payit shed light on the rapidly evolving fintech industry and how it works. The leaders talked about the immense opportunities available in finance technology for future young leaders.

Talking about the emergence of digital wallets as the most convenient payment method, the panelists discussed the exciting prospects of fintech and how it will impact the world in the coming years. 

Interaction with Students and Faculty

While the industry experts gave an overview of the fintech industry, the students and the faculty shared their views on the future payment ecosystem. They also talked about how they make their everyday payments.

The students discussed the challenges they face while making payments, and they welcomed the concept of using a digital wallet app to make their payments simplified and more convenient.

In the words of Theana Kaur – “It was a remarkable opportunity to delve into the world of financial technology and witness firsthand how this digital wallet app is revolutionizing how we handle transactions.”

While the marketing head of Payit, Mr. Vinod Nagar, expressed his gratitude to be part of the event as a panelist along with other industry experts, Johin Jose, Anup Kumar Shetty, and Dean Arbela Grace E.

Quiz Bowl: A Fun Competition Among Students

The event also had a quiz bowl competition where the students were divided into three groups of five participants each. The students were from different backgrounds, including business, engineering, etc.

They competed against each other in three different rounds, and the students participated with great enthusiasm. The prizes for the winners were as follows:

    • Winning team: AED 300 gift card

    • 1st runner-up: AED 200 gift card

    • 2nd runner-up: AED 150 gift card

Raffle Draw and Let’sGo Card Registration

The event had an exciting element that allowed all the attendees to participate in a raffle draw. The students and the faculties who downloaded and registered for the Letsgo Payit Cards were part of the draw.

Two winners received a gift card worth AED 150 each at the end of the draw, adding a fun element to the event.

Payit’s Customer Experience and Enhancement

The agenda for conducting such an event was interacting with the customers (students and faculties) to understand their payment preferences and behavior. The event helped the Payit team to observe students’ psychology behind their spending behavior.

Shaping Product Offerings: How Payit Leverages Customer Interactions?

Payit places immense value on customer interactions as a driving force behind the development of its digital wallet app and digital card.

By actively engaging with customers, payit gains valuable insights into their needs, preferences, and expectations.

These interactions provide a deep understanding of how customers utilize the app and the expense card daily, enabling Payit to shape its product offerings to deliver a seamless and tailored user experience.

By leveraging customer interactions, Payit ensures that its digital wallet app is designed to meet the evolving demands of its customers, ultimately enhancing their financial journey.

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