Filipinos in the UAE: 8 Reasons Why They Love Working in the UAE?

  • November 20, 2023
  • 04:45 Minutes


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosts one of the largest expatriate communities in the world. Among these diverse groups, Filipinos make up a significant portion of the population in the UAE, with a large number of them residing in Dubai.

Filipinos’ decision to leave their home country and relocate to the UAE is not made lightly. This blog explores factors that draw Filipinos to the UAE.

Why do Filipinos want to Work in the UAE?

The UAE has attracted many nationalities, and its economy has developed drastically over the last three decades.

The Thriving UAE Economy

The UAE is often associated with its booming oil industry, but its economic landscape extends far beyond petroleum. Places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become important centers for businesses from all over the world. From finance and technology to healthcare and tourism, the UAE’s economy is teeming with opportunities for both local and expatriate workers.

In recent years, the nation has invested heavily in diversifying its economy. This plan worked well for many companies worldwide, and essential events now happen in the UAE. Having different kinds of businesses helped the UAE not be affected as much when the cost of oil goes up and down. And it also made more jobs available for people.

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Tax-Free, Lucrative Salaries

Employees in the UAE get their total salaries unburdened by tax deductions. On top of that, Filipinos can earn substantially higher salaries compared to similar positions in the Philippines. The allure of tax-free earnings not only contributes to higher savings and remittances but also acts as a significant motivator for those considering relocating to the UAE.

Moreover, many companies in the UAE offer additional perks, such as comprehensive health insurance, accommodation, transportation allowances, and other benefits. These benefits make working in the UAE even more attractive because they offer added security.

When they earn more, they can have a better life, save more money, and send more money to their families in the Philippines.

The Need for Skilled Workers

The UAE is the second-largest employer of Philippine expats, just behind Saudi Arabia. The country continuously demands professionals in various fields, particularly healthcare and engineering.

The World Expo held in Dubai, and other significant events have further amplified this demand. Such events don’t just help their economy; they also create lots of new job opportunities.

Safe and Secure Environment

The UAE’s reputation for safety, law enforcement, and low crime rates provides peace of mind to those seeking a secure place to live and work.

Moreover, a sizable Filipino community is already established in the UAE. They are friendly and helpful to new Filipinos who come to the UAE. This makes it easier to adjust to life in a new country. It’s like finding a piece of home in a faraway place.

Favorable Weather

The UAE’s climate is often misunderstood. During summer, it gets scorching, but the rest of the year is usually nice and sometimes even a bit cool, especially at night. However, in places like Dubai, which is near the sea, it’s not as scorching in the summer.

This means it’s not too uncomfortable. Thanks to this mix of warm and cool weather, people can have fun outside, like going to the beach or visiting theme parks, without being concerned about heavy rainfall.

Cultural Diversity

The culture in the UAE is like a mixture of Arabian, Islamic, and Persian ways of life. There are also some influences from East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. The nation houses an incredibly diverse expatriate population from 200 countries.

When Filipinos live and work in the UAE, they meet people from all over the world. This helps them learn different languages, customs, and traditions. Interacting with people from various places makes their worldview bigger and more attractive.

Culinary Adventure

The mix of cultures in the UAE leads to a lot of different kinds of food. While the local Arabic food is delicious, Filipinos can also find restaurants serving food worldwide. If they miss the taste of home, there are places like Chibog Filipino Restaurant, Bulwagang Filipino, and Fiesta Pinoy, where they can enjoy Filipino dishes.

But it’s more than just Filipino food they can try. They can also explore American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and even more Filipino dishes in different restaurants. Plus, when they have neighbors or friends from other countries, they might get invited to try their traditional dishes, which can be a fun and tasty experience!

Breathtaking Sights and Experiences

The UAE is not just about deserts and camels. Iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island, capture the imagination. The nation is full of natural and man-made wonders. It offers fantastic experiences for everyone.

Moreover, the UAE is like a central hub that’s easy to reach from Africa, Europe, and Asia. It’s not expensive to travel to many countries from there. The Dubai International Airport makes the nation accessible from everywhere and has earned its place as the second busiest airport globally.


The UAE holds a magnetic appeal for Filipinos in search of better opportunities. Lots of good jobs, not much tax, different cultures, nice weather, delicious food, amazing things to see, and safety – these factors combined continue to draw Filipinos to the UAE for a prosperous and fulfilling life.

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