How to Check Emirates ID Fines?

  • January 15, 2024
  • 02:20 Minutes


Traffic fines in the UAE maybe pretty strict and hefty. You miss paying for parking and will get a hefty fine. You changed the lane against the traffic rules and will receive an SMS of being fined.

However, many of us still struggle with how to check emirates ID fines online before its due date. This blog will help you understand how to make a fine check on your emirates ID card and pay for it

Steps to Check UAE Traffic Fines with Your ID

One of the ways to make a traffic fine check is by logging into the GDRFA portal and following the next steps:.

GDRFA Website

1. Visit the GDRFA portal.

2. In the search type, select ‘Emirates ID.’

3. Enter your Emirates ID number and your date of birth.

4. Select your gender.

5. Click ‘Submit,’ and you will see the fines related to your id.

Another way to check your ID fines in UAE is Using TAMM Site as below:

Abu Dhabi TAMM Website

1. Go to the TAMM website

2. Select ‘Drive & Transport’ under the list of services

3. Click on ‘Fines & Violations.’

4. Select ‘Traffic Fines Payment.’

5. Click on ‘Sign in to Start’ at the bottom.

6. Select ‘Sign in with UAE Pass.’

7. Enter your Emirates ID and you can approve the access on the UAE Pass app on your phone.

8. Follow the instructions and you will see the list of fines registered on your ID.

Want to file a dispute? Check How to Dispute a Traffic Fine in the UAE?

How to Pay Traffic Fines?

You can pay traffic fines in the UAE in two ways – online or offline. Let’s understand both ways more.

Online Payment

Using an online method, you can pay traffic fines through an e-dirham card, debit, or credit card.

  • Login to your RTA portal using your vehicle number.
  • Select the fine for payment.
  • Review and confirm.
  • Pay using an E-Dirham card or your debit or credit card.

Offline Payment

You can also make the traffic fine payments in UAE offline by visiting the customer happiness centers or the Sahl kiosks as following:

Customer Happiness Centers

  1. Visit your nearest customer happiness center.
  2. Carry Emirates ID, Driving License, and your vehicle registration details.
  3. Schedule an appointment using a token.
  4. Provide necessary information.
  5. Pay the fine in cash or using your card.

Sahl Kiosks

  1. Go to a Sahl Kiosk, primarily available in malls or government offices.
  2. Click on ‘Emirates ID Services’.
  3. Select ‘Inquire About Fines.’
  4. Follow the instructions and enter details as asked.
  5. Review your fines and make payment.

The Bottom Line

Following and adhering to traffic rules is a sign of a responsible citizen. Be aware of the relevant regulations and fines in the UAE.

Drive responsibly and be safe.

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