10 Gift Ideas to Bring for Your Iftar Host This Ramadan

  • March 07, 2024
  • 04:20 Minutes


The month of Ramadan is just around the corner. This month is one of the most sacred months in Islam, where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset daily. Ramadan is also considered to be one of the five pillars of Islam. The fasting period concludes on the day of Iftar, and friends and family celebrate this day together in peace and harmony.

If you are invited to the Iftar celebration for Ramadan 2024, know that it is customary to bring a small gift as a gesture of appreciation for their hospitality. Here are 10 gift ideas for your Iftar host this Ramadan to delight them.

10 Gift Ideas for Ramadan 2024

Here are the top 10 gift ideas for Ramadan 2024 to give to your Iftar host.

Turkish Crockery

Turkish ceramics are known for their craftsmanship and beauty, from delicately designed plates to elegant tea sets. This gift will add a touch of sophistication to your host’s table and serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness. You can choose a simple yet elegant design that looks appealing. Maybe choose a colour or theme that your host likes.

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Ceramic Dry Fruit Tray

During Ramadan, it is common for people to enjoy dates and other dry fruits to break their fast. A decorative ceramic tray filled with premium quality dates, nuts, and dry fruits makes for a practical and tasteful gift. Dry fruits have a longer shelf life, so even the host can store it too. It is a thoughtful gesture that your host will appreciate as they share these treats with family and guests.

Scented Candles

This is a more personalised gift. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your host’s home with scented candles. For this, you can choose evergreen fragrances like oud, jasmine, or sandalwood, which are popular during Ramadan for their calming and aromatic properties. Scented candles not only add ambience to the iftar table but also create a sense of tranquillity during the evening gatherings.

Essential Oils and Diffuser

After a long Iftar celebration, help your host relax and unwind with a set of essential oils and a stylish diffuser. Choose calming scents like lavender or chamomile to promote relaxation and ease stress. This thoughtful gift will allow your host to create a peaceful oasis in their home during Ramadan and beyond.

Baklava Box

This can be a premium gift for your host. Indulge your host’s sweet tooth with a box of baklava. This traditional Middle Eastern dessert, made with layers of filo pastry, nuts, and honey, and is a staple during Ramadan celebrations. Presenting your host with a box of freshly made baklava is sure to be a delightful surprise that all will enjoy.

Halal Gift Box

Show your appreciation for your host’s hospitality with a thoughtfully made halal gift box. You can fill it with a variety of halal snacks, chocolates, gourmet sauces, and condiments that your host can enjoy throughout Ramadan. It’s a convenient and thoughtful gift that demonstrates your respect for their dietary preferences.

Pocket Prayer Mat

A pocket prayer mat (Sejada) is a prayer rug. It is a practical gift for your host to use during their daily prayers throughout Ramadan. Choose a compact, portable design that can easily be folded and carried in a bag or pocket. Your host will appreciate the convenience of having a dedicated prayer rug wherever they go. You can choose or customise the fabric and design to give it a more personal touch.

Perfume Gift Set

You can also treat your host to a luxurious perfume gift set. This gift set can include fragrances inspired by the rich scents of the Middle East. From musky oud to floral rose, a scent suits every preference. A perfume gift set is a thoughtful way to express gratitude and leave a lasting impression on your host. There are a variety of options available in the market, which you can choose as per your host’s preferences.

Homemade Tarts

This can be a thoughtful gift that would showcase your effort in gifting your host. Put your culinary skills to use and bake a batch of homemade tarts to share with your host. Whether you opt for fruit-filled tarts or savoury mini quiches, your homemade treats will be a delicious addition to the iftar spread. Your host will appreciate your time and effort in creating something special for them.

Gift Cards

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This Ramadan, show your appreciation for your iftar host with a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. If you are unsure of the perfect gift, you can also choose a Payit gift card. Payit has partnerships with many popular brands and offers amazing deals and discounts.

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