From Splitting Bills to Gifting: Here are Creative Ways You Can Use Payit App

  • September 25, 2023
  • 04:00 Minutes


Digital wallets are reshaping how we handle money, offering ease and flexibility that often outperform traditional banking methods. Payit, a standout in this field, has been instrumental in this transformation, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

According to a study from the University of Oxford, frequent communal dining is linked to increased happiness and life satisfaction. This makes the ability to easily split bills for meals with friends and family not just a financial convenience but also a contributor to well-being.

We simplify complex financial interactions in your social circle. Whether you’re sharing the cost of a meal or sending a gift that hits the right note, Payit condenses these activities into a few quick taps on your smartphone. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of innovative and practical ways to use Payit for bill splitting and gifting.

How to Split Bills with Payit?

Initiating a bill split on Payit is straightforward. You can go to your transaction history and select the bill payment you would like to split with your friends.

Select the friends by selecting their contact details (payit or non-payit users). Select the amount to split and use the Notes option to give context to the split, like ‘Dinner at Joe’s Cafe,’ making it clear for everyone involved.

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Watch How to Use Split Bills Function in the Payit App.

Creative Ways to Use Payit for Bill Splitting

Let’s look at the other ways you can use split bills to request payments from friends or family.

The Fair Share

Managing shared expenses can be a hassle if you’re living with roommates. Be it the rental expense or utility bill, you can split these payments with your roommates using Payit easily.

Group Gifting

When you buy a gift for a friend in a group, worry whether your friends will pay their share. You can use Payit to split your gift contribution. You can simply buy a gift from the Payit app and swipe left the transaction you made for the gift purchase. Select ‘split’ and you are all set to share the gifting amount with your friends and family.

The Group Outing

Group outings are fun until the bill arrives. Instead of scrambling to figure out who owes what, use Payit to collect the money beforehand. Create a ‘Group Outing’ bill in the app, estimate the total cost, and have everyone contribute their share before the event. This way, you can enjoy the outing without the financial awkwardness later.

Movies with Friends

Similarly, you can split the payment with your friends with the Payit app for movie tickets. Remember, you can split payments with a non-payment user as well.

Simplifying Gifting with Payit

Sending a gift through Payit is as simple as choosing the ‘eGift‘ option in the app. From there, you can select from various brands and gift card amounts. If you want to add a personal touch, Payit allows you to include a message and even an e-greeting.

Payit offers gift vouchers for famous international brands for those with friends or family abroad, making sending a thoughtful gift across borders easy.

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Watch How to Send eGift Using Payit App.  

Creative Ways to Use Payit for eGifting

The Payit digital wallet app gives you an innovative way to send gifts to friends and family. Let’s see how differently you can use eGift vouchers from the app.

The Surprise

One of the joys of gifting is the element of surprise. With Payit, you can schedule eGifts for delivery on a specific date. Imagine the delight on your friend’s face when they receive an unexpected gift on their birthday or anniversary.

The Global Love

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier to showing love. Payit’s gift vouchers for international brands make sending gifts to loved ones living in eligible countries possible. Choose a brand that resonates with the recipient, and the app will handle the rest.

The Personal Touch

Personalization adds value to any gift. The app allows you to include a custom message and e-greeting with your eGift. This makes your gift not just a transaction but a heartfelt gesture.


Thus, the Payit app offers more than just basic financial transactions. Its advanced bill-splitting and gifting features provide creative and practical solutions for managing money with friends and family. Innovative strategies like the Fair Share approach help divide household expenses evenly among roommates.

Whether you visit a restaurant together or watch a movie in the cinema, split bills make it easier to split your payments hassle-free. All these options enhance your financial interactions with those who are important to you.

Start claiming your share for a shared bill from friends and download the Payit mobile wallet app now.

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