Etisalat Recharge Much Easier with These Tips

  • June 06, 2021
  • 10 minuets read

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Although Etisalat is the Emirates-based multinational telecommunication Provider, some customers may still find Etisalat recharge confusing. However, it is not hard and, by following the right tips, you can do it successfully.

You can recharge your Etisalat in various ways. You can do it through payit app, their website, a card, or an eVoucher. Most of these payment methods are easy to use.

Here, we will talk about some tips you can follow to make Etisalat recharge easier. Through these tips, you can save money and quickly pay Etisalat. Also, we will talk about some general benefits of using mobile wallets like payit over using an online banking app.

  • Top Up With payit

You can recharge Etisalat and pay Etisalat bill using payit. payit has a pay bills system which you can pay bills and top-up your accounts. This system is convenient, quick, and hassle-free. You can access all of your bills in one place and keep track of payments.

Recharge Etisalat through payit pay bill service will make the process easier for you as not only will you be able to recharge Etisalat online in minutes, you will have the option to do it in a place where all your other bills are available for you, too.

  • Recharge Using the Etisalat Website

Another way to recharge your account is through the quick pay Etisalat option. To use the Etisalat quick recharge option, you have to use the Etisalat website and add your landline, mobile number, or account number. You can then instantly recharge your account and pay bills.

When you enter your account number, you will get the option to enter the amount you want to recharge. Below that amount, you will find a few additional bonuses listed for you to avail. After selecting them, you can click “Accept and Continue.” You will then select your payment method and click “Pay.”

Why Can payit Digital Wallet Become Your Primary Way To Make Payments?

Through payit digital wallet, you have all your features and options available in one place. This helps make payit eWallet the primary method of making payments. 

payit has a variety of services for both customers and businesses. Apart from the mentioned bill payments, you can use it to transfer money, split bills with other people, pay salaries to your Domestic help, cash out, fee collection and more. With all of these features at your disposal, and with so many services partnered with payit, the need to use other methods of payments goes away.

What Is One Advantage Of Having A Digital Wallet Over An Online Bank Account?

An advantage of having a digital wallet over an online bank account is the increased number of services offered by the eWallet. With a bank account, you can only access the funds in the account through your mobile phone. However, with an eWallet, you can connect your bank account, your credit cards, your eVouchers, and any other methods of payment. This way, you can have all of your payment information in one place.

Having all of your payment methods in one place is beneficial because, this way, you can make more payments through your digital wallet. You can make purchases, pay salaries, transfer funds, and withdraw cash. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Wallets Over Mobile Banking?

A mobile wallet is better than mobile banking in terms of security, convenience, offers, and budget tracking. Here are some benefits of a mobile wallet over mobile banking.

  • A mobile wallet is more convenient

 Since you can store all payment methods, credit and debit cards, and vouchers in your digital wallet account, you will not have to carry any cards or a large amount of cash. The eWallet also allows you to make purchases with one click or one scan, limiting the time and effort it takes to carry around cash or cards. 

 When you are checking out at a store, the digital wallet will speed up the process since all you will have to do is scan your mobile device. You can even store loyalty cards and coupons in your digital wallet. This means that to avail of discounts and offers, you will not have to carry around any paper cards.

 A mobile banking app does not have any of these features or options. Through those apps, you can simply make transfers out of your existing bank balance. This makes an eWallet a more attractive choice. 

  • A mobile wallet is more secure

To access funds in your mobile wallet or to make payments, there are several security features included. These include fingerprint scans, PINs, or passwords. Online banking apps do have security features, but they are often not as rigorous as eWallet features.

 A digital wallet also saves you the risk of telling anyone your credit card number or PIN. This is because when you store a credit card in your digital wallet, you do not need to disclose its details. You only need your eWallet account details. When you make payments through a debit card, and when that debit card gets lost, you need to contact the service provider to cancel it. At times, you may be too late, allowing someone else to use your money. The digital wallet takes away this risk since there is no chance of losing the debit card.

  • A mobile wallet is useful for purchases

 Many retailers over the world have started to accept payments through eWallet. If you shop at a place that accepts payment through debit or credit card, you can usually pay through an eWallet there too. 

 Through an online banking account, you cannot make payments at a store or to a retailer. You can transfer money or use debit cards but purchasing goods through the banking app is not possible.

 Often, eWallet providers will have partnerships with companies and retailers, which can give you access to offers, discounts, and deals.

  • A mobile wallet has budget tracking features

 Many eWallets have features that allow you to track how much you have spent and how close you are to your budget. You can set budgets for different types of items, and the eWallet will automatically block additional purchases after you reach your budget.

This is another feature that online banking apps do not have, which makes eWallets a better option.

Final Words

You can recharge Etisalat account using some of these tips. Using our app, the website will make your experience in paying Etisalat bill quicker and more convenient. Also, accessing bonuses and offers will help you to save money. By using one or more of these tips, you can eliminate confusion regarding Etisalat recharge.

The best tip would be to recharge Etisalat through payit. This way, you can make Etisalat top-up for your account with one click, all the while clearing up other payments and transferring funds through the same medium.

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