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What Happens When You Lose Your Job? Claiming Unemployment Insurance

The last registration date for the UAE’s unemployment insurance scheme was 30th June 2023, which was extended to 1st October 2023 to give more time to the employees to sign up. While there’s a sheet of excitement among the residents to enroll in the scheme, many people are still unclear about how to claim the insurance amount in case they get terminated from their jobs involuntarily.

Assessing Cash Now Pay Later Schemes: Why is it Good and Why is it not?

Cash now pay later has recently gained traction due to its flexibility with the installments and availability in smaller amounts.
Many individuals and small businesses need money for several reasons, such as
– To meet financial emergencies
– To maintain a cash flow
– Spend for business growth
– Own specific equipment/tools for business, etc.

5 Key Benefits of Using Virtual Cards

With the virtual cards market projected to reach a staggering $1.3 trillion globally by 2032, experiencing an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2%, it’s evident that this digital payment space is revolutionizing the financial landscape

UAE’s Top Fintech Trends to Look for in 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a frontrunner in the global fintech landscape, with its market exhibiting remarkable growth potential, size, and innovation.

Asserting Your Rights: Steps to Dispute Traffic Fines in the UAE

Whether it’s a minor speeding ticket, a parking violation, or a more severe offense, traffic fines often leave a dent in our wallets and tarnish our driving records.
In fact, 16,572 traffic offenses were reported to the Dubai police, which resulted in fines in 2022. However, if you believe you’ve been unjustly issued these fines, you can dispute them.

Payit Wins the Crown: Named ‘The Best E-wallet’ at Leaders in Fintech Awards 2023

Payit, the beloved digital wallet of the UAE, proudly emerged as the recipient of the esteemed ‘The Best E-wallet’ accolade at the prestigious Leaders in Fintech 2023 event held on 12th June 2023.

Cool Off this Summer in Style: Where to Go in Dubai?

As the summer heat rises, finding ways to beat the scorching temperatures is our top priority. Dubai, known for its extravagant attractions and luxurious lifestyle, offers many indoor activities to keep you and your loved ones cool and entertained during summer

PayitConnect23 Event Insights: Interacting with Students

Payit conducted an interactive event to connect with the students and faculties of the UK College of Business and Computing. The event highlighted how the fintech industry is changing how consumers make payments, manage their finances and plan their future.

Holiday Destinations with Visa-on-arrival for Eid Al Adha 2023

Are you exhausted from your daily routine? Do you find yourself daydreaming about sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, and exciting adventures?

Top Brands, Infinite Choices: Embrace the Joy of Giving with Payit’s eGift Vouchers

From the days of stuffing cash into envelopes to the era of meticulously selected gift items, gift-giving has come a long way