Hafilat Recharge – A Complete Guide on How to Recharge Your Smart Travel Card

  • July 01, 2024
  • 03:50 Minutes


The Hafilat smart travel card system is convenient and efficient for residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi to access the public bus network. The word ‘Hafilat’ means ‘buses’ in Arabic, and the Hafilat card streamlines the process of travelling via public buses across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

In this article, we will cover what a Hafilat Card is and how you can recharge this card with ease.

What is the Hafilat Card?

Hafilat card is a smart travel card designed to offer a seamless and cashless experience for commuters, ensuring hassle-free boarding and fare payment for public transport in Abu Dhabi.

Regularly recharging the Hafilat card is essential for maintaining a sufficient balance, which is deducted based on the travel distance and type of trip. Thus, it is an indispensable travel companion for bus users in Abu Dhabi.

The Hafilat card comes in six different types, each designed to cater to specific user needs and preferences. These types include:

  • Contactless Smart Ticket (CST) (Temporary Use): This free-of-charge card is valid for 30 days from purchase, making it ideal for short-term use.
  • Contactless Smart Card (CSC) Anonymous: Priced at AED 10, this card remains valid for five years, offering a cost-effective and long-term travel solution for regular bus users.
  • Contactless Smart Card (CSC) Personalised: Similar to the anonymous card, this personalised card also costs AED 10 and is valid for five years, with the added advantage of personalisation.
  • Contactless Smart Card Senior Citizen CSC: Priced at AED 5 and valid for five years, this card is specifically designed to cater to the travel needs of senior citizens.
  • Contactless Smart Card for People of Determination: Available at AED 5, this card remains valid for five years, providing accessibility and convenience for people of determination.
  • Contactless Smart Card Students: This card, priced at AED 5 and valid for five years, is tailored to meet students’ travel requirements.

Each type of Hafilat card offers specific benefits and caters to diverse user demographics, providing a wide range of options for different travel preferences and durations.

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How to Recharge the Hafilat Card?

There are two ways to recharge the Hafilat Card.

1. Via Payit Mobile Wallet App

Recharging your Hafilat card using the Payit mobile wallet app is convenient and user-friendly. Follow these step-by-step instructions to recharge your card seamlessly:

  • Access the UAE Bills & Recharge Section: Open the Payit app and click on the “UAE Bills & Recharge” tab on the home screen to access the bill payment and recharge section.
  • Select Hafilat as the Carrier: From the list of service providers, choose “Hafilat” as the carrier for your smart travel card.
  • Enter the Hafilat Card Serial Number: Locate the unique serial number printed on the back of your Hafilat card and enter it into the designated field within the app.
  • Create a Nickname for Your Hafilat Card Account: To quickly identify your Hafilat card account in the future, create a meaningful and easy-to-remember nickname.
  • Register Details and Choose Top-Up Amount: After entering the serial number and creating a nickname, click ‘Register details’ to proceed with recharge. Choose the desired amount you wish to top up your Hafilat card with, ranging from AED 10 to AED 100.
  • Confirm the Transaction: Click ‘Payit’ to confirm the transaction to securely and conveniently complete the Hafilat card recharge securely and conveniently.

Following these simple and clear instructions, users can efficiently recharge their Hafilat card using the Payit mobile wallet app, ensuring a hassle-free experience when managing their travel balance.

2. Official Hafilat Website

Recharging the Hafilat card through the official Hafilat website is another convenient option for users. Here are the step-by-step instructions to recharge your card via the website:

  • Visit the official Hafilat website at hafilat.darb.ae.
  • Select the ‘Recharge Card’ option on the website’s interface.
  • Enter your card’s serial number and choose the desired recharge amount within the range of AED 10 to AED 100.
  • Add the selected amount to your basket and proceed to the secure online payment page.
  • Complete the online payment process to recharge your Hafilat card.

For ease of usage, seamless travel, and checking and adding balance on the go in your Hafilat Smart Travel Card, link your Hafilat Card with Payit Mobile Wallet.


The Hafilat smart travel card system is an essential tool for convenient bus travel in Abu Dhabi. Regularly recharging the Hafilat card is crucial for maintaining a sufficient balance and ensuring uninterrupted access to the public bus network.

With user-friendly options like the Payit mobile wallet app, you can quickly recharge your cards and manage your travel balance.